Central Park Hue

Tar-Mar-wears-W-by-Worth-blogger-new-york-city-nov-2016 DSC07284jk DSC07173h DSC07281jk DSC07304j DSC07193jTurtleneck – Uniqlo, PVC jacket & cord skirtW by Worth, Bag – Chanel

Damn I’m loving all these warm tones in Central Park right now. It’s been forever since I shared a new full outfit post! I loved styling this little monochrome outfit for W by Worth, this PVC sleeveless jacket is pretty unique.. I gotta’ say I’ve been really into blogging this month and feeling a bit more myself. I’m not quite all the way there with my youtube yet but with every week that goes by I’m feeling a little more inspired. Isn’t it funny how many things in life you can come so close to giving up on over & over again for no other reason other then you just ‘stopped’ for a period of time & don’t know how to start again! It’s so easy to get into an unproductive routine and fill up the time you spend on one thing and replace it with another. It happens to the best of us and for me at least once or twice I year I need to take a month off creating content. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on what you do and how you do so I try not to be hard on myself! It’s funny cause whether it be a hobby, fitness goal or something like blogging you can find yourself procrastinating over & over and getting really anxious about the thought of starting again.

The cure is just to start. Start somewhere, start anywhere but just start something. It’s such an easy concept and can be so hard to do but it really is a case of mind over matter. It’s crazy how fast you get back into it and remember why you love it in the first place.

In other news chillouts in the park & regular yoga classes are 100% needed right now. I’ve been trying to keep chill but my last week in NYC is A LOT to say the least. I’ve finished up at my internship but I booked one last fun photography job and have lots of last minute appointments & packing to do before I leave for two whole months! I’m actually ridiculously excited to go home for an extended period of time but  it took a bit longer then expected to get my visa application ready and I am just so nervous about the timing of everything (getting the visa is half the battle, then you have to worry about timing your embassy interview & sending your passport off to get validated). At this point to be really honest I’m just happy to be going home for a bit knowing that I did all I could regarding the damn visa. If I get it great – I’m not ready to leave NYC just yet but I’m ok if it doesn’t work out – life goes on right? Unfortunately my anxious mind has lost me a couple of nights sleep even though I’m trying to channel my worries out sometimes it just wants to stick around… US visas are the worst to get sorted – now thats a convo of pure despair you can have with just about any irish person in America.  Nothing worth having comes easy as they say, right?

// Photos shot by Edelle Kenny ; Retouch/Edit by Tar Mar

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  • Milenka Millie

    Your style is just incredible and I loveeeee your hair so much! xx

  • Nikoletta Jonkisz

    Central park is so beautiful and your style goes along with it so well 🙂


  • Anastasia Ziolek

    Mind over Matter! I’ve had so many side projects that just thinking about them makes me nervous. But once you start them up again you ask yourself why you were worrying in the first place LOL. http://www.anastasiaziolek.com

    • TarMarz

      exactly! That period just before sitting down & facing it is just so hard for no reason! x

  • Loving these photos and that outfit! I know exactly what you mean with the creating content struggle, it took me so long to get back to blogging but I finally did it and I couldn’t be happier! I’m sure you’ll sort everything out with your visa and have a great time back home! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

    • TarMarz

      Awh thanks Savannah! Totally gonna check out your blog, I love when people leave links! x