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6 Clean & Healthy Meal Ideas your like me and feel bloated, groggy and like your carrying around food in your stomach for days after eating meat, plant-based/lighter meals can give your body a great break from all that tough digestion! Coming up with hearty vegetarian meals can be tough so I thought I’d gather up some of the photos of random food I’ve been hoarding & share some of my favourites with you! Continue Reading

Sassy Strawberry Protein Balls // Energy Boost


Stuck for a bit of midweek clean eating inspo? I decided to share this strawberry flavoured protein ball recipe with you guys because they’re genuinely delicious and I would reach for them before something ‘bad’. Filled with superfood’s like maca & goji berries, these are 100% irresistible, you might eat the whole batch!

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The Sunday Snack #1

A little Sunday inspo to #CheatClean, one of my favourite quick (but totally rich) snacks. Pink Lady apples chopped, dipped in 70-80% dark chocolate, then double dipped in chopped pistachios! Pink Lady apples are my favourite fruit but I’ve been trying to cut down on them since I found out they have an incredibly high sugar content (obviously the reason why they are my favourite hehe). I still have them every second day for desert though because I don’t mind a bit of extra sugar if its natural! Taking my own advice for the week as Ive eaten ALL OF THE CARBS this weekend & need to atone for it big time. I did complete my first 5km run on this weekend though which was an awesome feeling! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, T.

Vegan Twix Bar Recipe

IMG_3937 IMG_39432

The freest of guilt treats, that is if you can stop yourself at one! One word, DELICIOUS!

I’ve been super inspired by one of my favourite veggie/vegan blogs of late Peachy Palate so this recipe is 100% all Michelle’s, but I wanted to share my attempt with you guys as they are just TOO good not to! Continue Reading