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What You Didn’t Know About The Fashion Industry.

@tarmarz-NYC-New-york-based-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog---personal-style-street-style-black-minimal-chic-vintage-leather-flares-trend-how-to-wear-[source--TARMARZ.COM-APRIL-2016]In my years of studying fashion and countless internships, I’ve observed some realities of the fashion industry I never knew to be real until I experienced them for myself. Today’s post is about shedding some light on the true reality of this disillusioned industry, for those that haven’t experienced it and still think it’s ‘totes fab’… Continue Reading

Fashion Internships | How To Get One & My Experiences


Over 5 years ago I started sharing my journey into the fashion industry with videos on youtube like ‘Making art portfolio for entry into fashion design’ and boy, have I experienced a lot since then! It actually blows my mind that I finished my degree in fashion design almost a year ago, so I think a re-cap is well overdue.  Along with today’s personal style, I’ll be sharing some tips, what I experienced at some pretty cool internships as well as my plans for the future!
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