Little Edies

*Doesn’t post until after Mercury Retrograde is over* – Classic Tara. Speaking of classics, I’m very happy to be coming out of my longest blogging hiatus by sharing some images I was a part of for my good friend Krystal Bick’s blog ‘This Time Tomorrow’ and her #tttclassics series in which she embodies characters from some of the most iconic films of the past. This time it was the American documentary ‘Grey Gardens’

I remember watching Grey Garden’s back in fashion school and like many being utterly fascinated by the peculiar life of Edith Bouvier Beale better known as ‘Little Edie- an American socialite and cousin of Jackie O. She in theory had everything going for her as a young debutante but later in life ended up isolated from the rest of her family living in squalor with her mother in a dilapidated mansion in the Hamptons.

Reclusive & dysfunctional as she was, the woman had fabulous style which makes her all the more interesting! Highly recommend giving it a watch. Although it was filmed in the 1970’s her style was still very much influenced by the 40’s and 50’s (my favorite era for fashion). Krystal pulled some incredible vintage pieces from Designer Revival to channel Edie in the shoot. We shot in an incredible location in Prospect Park (albeit super creepy- like catholic school horror film level creepy) and there were Hermes and Dior scarfs flying everywhere, it was a hoot! I’ve never played dress up like that before and loved how different the first shots were from our sassy kimono moment that we finished with -Little Edie wasn’t afraid to show some leg!

Ending on some heart to heart – you probably already know I’ve stepped away from my blog to prioritize my other platforms like youtube & instagram. Taking professional quality photos has very much taken a back seat within my content, and with that so has my blog. My blog is where I get to share my best photos, and I refrained from posting here purely because the thought of organizing shoots and concepts for them has been rather overwhelming with everything else I’m managing. However I have thoroughly missed this medium and the collaboration aspect most of all! When Krystal asked me to be a part of this Grey Gardens ‘Little Edie/Edie Beale’ inspired shoot I jumped at the chance. Being surrounded by other creatives such as Krystal (who always comes through with amazing shoots!) & photographer Grant Legan is exactly what I needed. There were many moments on set that I just felt overwhelmed with joy and the excitement that comes with working on something creative with your friends and it really sparked something within me – it’s been far too long indeed!

My blog is my ‘edited’ space – a place where there is less pressure to post and it’s still the place where I savor my work the most I think. When I’m not in the mood to film or be a ‘personality’ it’s a place where I can share my idea of a great picture & write to you calmly. I quite enjoy having the time to jot down my inner thoughts and share them with you, I always forget how therapeutic it is! I’m not much of a writer but yet every time I come on to share photos with ‘a few words’ it ends up being an essay!

The lesson for me here is that I’ve been suppressing parts of my creative side and not putting myself out there as much as I used to and working with others and meeting new people has helped me get past that a bit more recently and work my way out if that creative slump (Krystal also wrote this post about getting out of a funk which I thoroughly related to)! So much of what I do on social these days is more low-key and is usually spontaneous parts of my everyday life and leaves little room for reflection and projects that involve more fore-planning. What I’m trying to say is – sometimes you just have to put on a pair of brightly colored heels & get in a bathtub

See Krystal’s post from this shoot here for even more photos!

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