An Update.


It’s been a while, lets catch up… 


It’s been a minute dear blog, my bad. I”m excited to be here though – since I stopped focusing on the blog as a primary platform it means when I post here it feels personal & a bit more special then my other frequent content. I would say I missed posting here weekly, but I’d be lying. Cutting down on shoots & reducing the pressure of trying to ‘do it all’ by prioritizing my workload has made me happier. That being said sometimes just nothing beats coming on here and sharing some good photos and writing (when I don’t have to write that is). I go through waves of creativity and I keep my blog for those times when I feel like writing is the best way to articulate myself, or just to share some photos that I love.

So where have I been? Well, most of you are very much up to date from my daily posts on instagram (one thing I have been consistent at!) so I should probably re-phrase that to how have I been… From the general gist of what I gathered from my internet muses September’s Virgo season DID NOT COME TO PLAY, jeesh. I have a keen & ever-growing interest in astrology, horoscopes & tarot and even though I take that stuff always with a healthy pinch of salt, theres a timeless relevance to it that transcends generation after generation and mostly because it can be freakishly accurate across a vast populous of people. Virgo season was tough for everybody I feel, summer ends with the sun crossing into Virgo and the grand earth trine usually means a major shift in life for most. Virgo season leaves no space for bullshit – it brings truths to light, things that haven’t been dealt with properly will wait no longer, and it is essentially a time that forces you to drop the dead weight whether you like it or not. I found what it threw at me profoundly difficult but it also felt like a re-birth from all the complacent elements within my life. Eclipses, & retrogrades also happening at the same time affecting communication didn’t make things any easier but it had a magical quality to it that made you feel your absolute worst, so you could blossom into feeling your absolute best. You have probably noticed a difference in me if you follow me daily but I feel like a new person, I act differently, I dress differently, and am doing differently.



I’m a Libra, so naturally Libra season in October (along with the new moon…- ok ok enough astrology) has been re-charging my batteries and giving me the fuel I need to make the most of Tara 2.0. It’s essentially when our ‘New Year, New Me’ starts – not in January. I have felt this wonderful energy in my life since the month started and I really feel a new sense of excitement in regards to my work, my relationships, trying new things, and enjoying life without anxiety again (thanks CBD oil). After spending years working mostly solitary and never really fitting in anywhere in regards to being a content creator, this month has brought a wonderful change to that. Since joining my agency I feel like I’ve been introduced to new people and resources which has boosted my morale hugely and separately I’ve attended some wonderful events. You probably have noticed I generally avoid the event-circus unless I have a meaningful relationship with the brand or know friends that are going also. Event’s alone are the most awkward thing in the world but I recently attended two that with that new moon energy behind me I walked into emboldened with my new found confidence. I felt like I attracted meaningful conversations, lovely new acquaintances and friends into my life that I’m excited to get to know further. It’s very easy to stick to just being friends with Irish people and staying within a bubble here in New York, so I’m pretty proud of myself for earning my spot at these events (em, I guess that means I’m doing something right I guess?) and also going outside of my comfort zone to make new friends & network (I did pluck up the balls to bother Eva Chen & GaryPepperGirl for a picture after all – more about that on instagram!).

One of these said events was an intimate gathering hosted by Farfetch for the launch of the Adwoa Aboah x John Hardy Collection.  After hearing about the sustainably & ethically sourced brand fronted by Adwoa (model & founder of the GURLS TALK platform which is centred around supporting women and sharing experiences) I figured it wasn’t one to miss so straight off the plane from New Orleans there I was with a wonderful greeting from the Farfetch team at the John Hardy showroom. They had a bunch of local photographers there, and I love how some of the photos came out (how cute is fellow ‘grammer Linh)! Aside from being a lovely opportunity to have drinks, oogle at fine jewellery and converse with some of the most fashionable (and equally lovely) content creators in the industry, Farfetch & John Hardy set up up some fun activities along with getting to know one of the Balinese designers who showed us the BTS of the design process at JH along with the extremely intricate process of making the signature John Hardy chain.  Overall I loved the vibe I got from the brand and its attitude to providing ‘jobs for life’ with over 800 local artisans in Bali. The collection from creative director Hollie Bonville Barden mixes intricate design and organic elements with stones like tourmaline & pyrite that celebrate Bali’s rich heritage with Aboah’s statement style. The collection is available at Farfetch exclusively at the moment for another week. The photo credits go to @coastal_flicks, @george_elder, & @larufoto.

So yes, it’s been fun, mad, hectic – this is prime events season so it’s been cutting into my content/admin productivity quite a bit but hey, I’m here to live, not be a slave to my schedule! With everything getting busier I’m slowing down on the vlogs a little (purely so I have time to make them better) but I’m bursting with ideas & inspiration which I’m ready to cultivate and share with you all! I’m going to try to take more photos for the blog for a start – but its easy when you have an outfit like this co-ord from a denim brand thats come onto my radar Salt Spin!


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