25 | The Biggest Lesson So Far

Jacket – Mango(on sale) US, UK // Jeans – Primark // Bag – YSL // Boots – Via Spiga

This post is WELL overdue. I cannot believe my birthday was almost a month ago already! Needless to say I’ve been enjoying myself tremendously since then, hence why it took me so long to get around to sharing this post. I was actually going to scrap it but it turns out the pieces are still available and I’m just doing the classic blogger post over-thinking thing.

Turning twenty-five is a funny one, although I know I’m still young it’s an awkward time of life for a lot of people my age because your constantly dealing with opposing ideas of where you should be at. The “I’m in my twenties I want to do everything and live carelessely” idea and the “OH MY GOD I’M ONLY FIVE YEARS FROM THIRTY AND BABIES AND CAREERS AND MORTGAGES” idea.

After a pretty tough 2016, I took every opportunity to actually enjoy myself in 2017 that I could, and I quickly put my thoughts of where I think I should be or that I should be working so much harder on my social presence aside. After graduating two years ago and seeing how fast time flies I decided to take a selfish-year, just a year were I remind myself to get out there and live a little and not worry about the work grind as much – finding that work/life balance again I guess!  I believe the phrase “JUST BOOK THE FLIGHTS” was shouted at me by my inner self more than ever this year and in the last month alone I’ve been to Philadelphia, Ireland, Scotland, Back to the US and straight over to the Caribbean (which if you’re not all caught up on you can review over on Instagram HERE).

It’s crazy how much things can change in a single year, in 2016 I did little to no travelling (besides a quick two weeks in Ireland during Summer) as for the first time in my life I just couldn’t afford it. I’ve been financially independent since I was 19 years old so to feel like I was struggling or going backwards was frustrating. I barely had enough to get by never mind travelling! However no matter how low things got I just kept this simple well known thought in my head which filled me with hope even through prolonged stretches of various struggles: What goes down must come up & what gets worse will get better. With that note on enduring positivity said, in 2017 I’ve been to at least eleven different cities and I’ve lost track of how many flights I’ve been on this year, and generally I’m just in a stable happy place!

So now I’ve made a point of trying to kick those negative pressurised thoughts of where I should be in five years aside. I’m not going to lie for somebody who thrives of making plans for the future it’s very difficult for me to live in the moment but after acknowledging how much things can change in a single year I have more faith than ever that with a positive mindset & a fulfilled soul the path will continue to create itself and I’ll be happy with the outcome no matter how it turns out.

Jeez, I almost forgot to acknowledge my look! I liked my simple autumnal bday outfit. I thought it was cute so I made my boyfriend snap it outside our flat and took the opportunity to play with my new lens. The jacket is on sale (woo) and the boots are THEE most comfortable heeled boots I’ve ever worn. I’m always in freakin’ trainers so those words have weight! I nearly didn’t want to share the brand Via Spiga because they are that amazing at boot styles that I wanted to keep them to myself…As if that was reeeeally going to happen 😉 T.

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