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Jacket, Skirt, Earrings – Mango // T-shirt & Bag – H&M //  Shoes – Primark // Sunglasses – ASOS 

First post of Autumn! Theres something about it that feels like a renewal.

I haven’t been on the blog in a while, but I was in a big of a style funk waiting for my favourite seasonal transition of the year! My wardrobe is bursting with pieces I genuinely love and I’m inching closer & closer towards my style goals. Also I haven’t gotten a chance to share on here the fact that I’ve been doing the vlogtober challenge over on my youtube (five videos a week in October) which has been a massive undertaking time wise but I’ve been enjoying sharing ten or fifteen minutes of my daily life in NYC over there! You can catch up & subscribe HERE

Admittedly, I’m the worst style blogger – I hate everything 6 months later and never put away time to really ‘curate’ an outfit. Typically on days I shoot I have a vague idea of what I want to wear and put it on 5 minutes before my photographer arrives only to realise it either doesn’t match, doesn’t fit, or I’ve compromised so much that the outfit isn’t even my style anymore but its enough to work. I don’t know at what point ‘shooting to get something up because I haven’t posted in ages’ took precedence over creating outfits that are truly styled and that I can look back at and love. The other day I spent two or three hours putting together eight new looks, trying them on, adding accessories and just truly playing dress-up. My mind was racing with location ideas for each one and felt genuinely excited about sharing outfits for the first time in a long time. I was actually really annoyed at myself for not prioritising that kind of prep-time before (I’ve been blogging around six or seven years, eeek). Fashion is such an integral part of my content and thorough styling sessions should be in the foundation for what I do. I think from the reaction on Instagram to this outfit you guys can tell the difference in a properly styled outfit!

What you guys may not know is that most of my work (along with photography) consisted of styling. Most of the shoots I did for brands like Century 21 Stores were always styled by me which gave me a unique dual trade in the industry but also meant much of my creativity and passion was diverted into these clients. Now that Cathal my boyfriend is here for a bit it means I can share much more organic content from my everyday and pretty much shoot whenever I want which really changes everything. Having somebody there to actually take a picture of you is such a big road block with this kind of content. I’m going to be making the most of that asset (sorry babe) and sharing more frequent looks soon! T.x

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