How To Survive in New York City

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I decided to dig these slightly outdated photos out of the ‘too much time passed and I don’t know what happened’ archive to accompany today’s little round-up of tips to survive your first year in NYC. Missguided Playsuit is sold out I believe but I’ve found some similar Asos versions below in the carousel!

1.Making Friends (and how to keep them)

100% one of THE most important things when moving to any new country is to try and make genuine friendships as soon as possible. I feel like since moving to New York I’ve gone through a big leap in my approach to friendships and how having friendships as an adult differs from friendships you may have had through college etc. It’s completely normal and natural to make a lot of acquaintances before developing a genuine friendship with somebody in a city where you don’t know anyone. Even if you’ve established good friends it’s normal not to see them for a week or two, which is quite different from the familiarity of seeing people you know almost every day at college. I used to get a bit hung up when friendships didn’t blossom the way you thought they would, but as you get older you value your time and how you invest it a lot more and other people do too. If you don’t ‘click’ with somebody thats ok but when you do it’s super important to make an effort to hang out and make plans with that person again, something the introvert in me wasn’t used to before. It’s really had a knock-on effect with how I treat my friends back home in Ireland as well and it has really put some life back into those old friendships! In New York, people tend to be super flakey. I’m the most easy-going friend you could ever wish for, cancel on me for your boyfriend anytime I get it, it’s cool. However it’s also important to know when to stop making an effort as soon as you feel like somebody isn’t pulling their weight or making up for blowing you off (you don’t want to be that person thats only relevant when the other person wants to offload their issues on you). It’s a weird balance, but in the end will show you who’s friendship is worth nurturing. These will be the people that pull you through the tough times, and in turn you’ll be there for them too which is what real friendship is all about (and they are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to NYC related living)!Speaking of friendships, I’m also excited to share that I’m a part of L’Occitane’s new Gift-a-Friend campaign. You know I’ve been genuinely loving trying out products from the L’Occitane range (I’m obsessed with their Almond Collection full of nourishing body products) and they recently sent me three different products to try; the Repairing Shampoo which has a silicone-free softening and protective effect on hair and is beautifully scented with notes of lavender & orange, their iconic non-greasy hand creme in Almond (which I’m already a fan of), and their Immortelle Divine Creme that got my attention at their recent press event at their flagship store – it has the most aptly ‘divine’ texture and scent and is created to combat signs of aging. Not only did they send the products for me to try but with the refer-a-friend campaign you guys get to try the products with me for free with no purchase neccessary, how great is that! With this link you guys can receive this special giftbox that includes three deluxe travel size samples the same L’Occitane products inside. I absolutely adore getting samples in this size as I find them so handy to pop into a handbag or pack for a trip, it’s my ideal way to discover new favourites. I can’t wait for you to try them out too (US Domestic residents only, see terms & conditions)! – Ok now back into the rest of my tips!

2. Invest in Three Things: A comfortable pair of trainers, a heavy duty winter coat and a whole lot of hand sanitizer!

3. Don’t Buy Too Much Crap in Year 1: You’ll more than likely move twice in your first year while you get the hang of the apartment hunt down, if you can avoid it don’t buy any major pieces of furniture and don’t bother moving over here with more than one large suitcase and a carry-on! The speed at which one accumulates new items is unreal, make jumping from place to place easier for yourself.

4. Get Away – New York is amazing but is mad about that hustle. People in NYC work double-time, it’s just the norm! The only way people can stick it without loosing their damn minds is to actually leave as often possible. In the summer most people head upstate or to places like Montauk & the Hamptons at the weekend for a break and a breath of fresh air – quite literally! Make the most of your time in the US and plan to trips to places like Chicago, New Orleans and the West Coast.

5. Central Park Solves All: Central Park is truly magical. Something sets it apart from all the other public parks around the world I’ve been too. Any time I’ve had really really lost down days (trust me, there will be A LOT of downer days) I’ve grabbed a coffee and a pastry and just sat in my favourite spot watching the world go by. The thoughts in my racing mind seem to slow down and process while I’m sitting there and by the time I’m finished roaming around putting things into perspective I leave feeling SO much better.

Quick Fire Round;

  • Don’t get on an empty train car, it probably smells profoundly (also move aside to let everybody off!)
  • Don’t take a cab anywhere near 5th avenue
  • Traders Joe’s is cheapest organic place for groceries
  • Always carry at least $20 cash, an apartment with laundry in the building is like winning the jackpot
  • Stay away from Times Square if you don’t want to question your decision to move to NY
  • Walk on the right side to avoid annoying the whole world
  • And do ALL of the free things NYC has to offer!

Those are some of my newbie tips for blending in and surviving in New York City! T.

*kindly sponsored by L’Occitane

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