Photos by Edelle Kenny


This is the last of my non-springy posts I promised (I mean look at that snow lol). I’m building quite the backlog of outfits, mainly due to the site being down for so long but I’m excited to share non-the-less. Even though it’s gorgeously sunny in NYC today it’s still a pretty chilly twelve degrees celsius. I’m always cold so this is my idea of a spring transition outfit. I’ve always had my eye on Max Mara for their crafted to perfection classics, this cashmere knit is no exception. These are also the jeans that induced my boyfriend fit frenzy, they are SO effortless and I love the little details like the cut-outs in the back. The ‘Karl’ bag caught my eye on instagram and it’s from Karl Lagerfelds exclusive collection with StyleBop – my outfits are so simple these days that it’s nice to have fun with a more statement bag!

I’ve been in such a funk the last few days that it’s so nice to be sitting in the sun outside Ladurée on East 70th, writing this post with al fresco with a matcha latte and macarons (the chocolate and cherry variety if you must know). I’ve been stuck inside with only my own company for a number of days and it’s times like these where you find yourself thinking about how strange it is to work for yourself at home, don’t get me wrong I love it, but it does have some of the downsides. I wanted to share some of those insights, particularly what I’ve felt heavily this week with you.

1. It can be a very lonely place. I usually try and work in a coffee shop to change things up during the week but this week was a weird one! Some rainy weather meant I couldn’t take my equipment out, and then I went and slept through the weekend (the one time where I do get to hang with my friends that have normal 9-5’s) due to PMS. As much of an introvert as I can be I hate when I turn into a hermit as I love the company of others! I really miss those friendships you have with people in the office, those people that become like family. Getting sucked into the email or working vortex at home because it’s simply easier not to get dressed happens far too easily!

2. You need to be HIGHLY motivated to work for yourself/from home. Nobodies going to get up & do the work for you so you really need to have a passion for whatever it is your working on. I’ve never had too many motivation issues when it comes to my own work thankfully but I do slip into an annoying routine of procrastinating all day and literally starting my working day at like 6pm, going to bed at 1am. It’s so frustrating as I just want to have a normal routine and take the weekends off but in this industry theres just always something to do, some video to be edited, some social media to post on etc. I’m getting better at managing my time and being organised which is helping but it’s so easy to let slip…

3. You’ll worry about money a lot more working for yourself. If I was still living in Ireland or certain parts of Europe as an influencer it wouldn’t be as much of a concern as since leaving home I’ve always been quite financially independent, but living in an extremely expensive city without stable, predictable pay cheques can be ridiculously daunting at times. I still don’t know how I do it *can’t think of what I pay in rent without squirming a little*, and even though I’ve got quite a bit saved etc I’m still scared to buy anything incase god forbid I have a bad working month or I need to buy a $2000 computer or a new camera. A lot of freelancers like me may not want to openly admit such a thing but it’s a reality, a scary one at times. To even be able to say that I’m saving this year feels like 10 leaps from where I was in 2016 – living paycheque to paycheque pretty much as I worked to get the Tar Mar brand off the ground in the states!

However, I will say that working for yourself is extremely rewarding and I hope to be doing it for the rest of my life. If you think it might be the world for you, I think the deciding factor is deciding HOW you like to work. Do you like being given set goals to achieve, or do you want to be the one creating those goals? For me in every job I’ve ever had once I stopped learning I wanted out. My morale becomes extremely low when I’m being given tasks, working tirelessly to essentially fulfil somebody else’s dream – somebody else that wasn’t afraid to take the risk in starting their own venture. There’s nothing wrong with being either, it’s the balance of the world after all but I think asking yourself the above can get you one-step closer to reaching your full potential! I really enjoy these chats with you, they aren’t planned or anything but I love just sharing what’s been on my mind. I hope you do too! -T

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