Travel Diary: Washington D.C.

Washington DC – the perfect city hop for when New York gets all a bit much.

After being stationary in New York (besides the odd trip back to Ireland) for over a year, my travel-bug had fully manifested and was looking for the best way out of New York. Cherry Blossom festival which Washington DC (a 3-4 hour drive from NYC) is known for seemed like the perfect escape and a great start to exploring America more this year. After a hectic couple of weeks I was so happy to step into the architectural beautiful Union Station and out into the first bit of sun I’ve felt this year. Read on for a great way to spend 48 hours in Washington DC…

Day One: We checked into the gorgeous Dupont Circle Hotel in Downtown DC, a sister hotel of my beloved Westbury Hotel in Dublin. Ideal location to get around all the sights! We had a beautiful shutter-laiden window which looked down onto Dupont Circle itself & had a killer sunset view. We also ate lunch down in the bar right after arriving, totally recommend!

With two-thirds of the day left we headed straight for near-by Georgetown (home to Georgetown University, and more importantly yes, thee Georgetown Cupcakes) a very cute southern-feeling town with rows of colourful homes and a fantastic highstreet! It pretty much feels like a mini San Francisco but possibly cuter. Check out the university, the waterfront, the C/O canal for a bikeride (despite the canal seeing better days due to some maintenance), strolling around the neighbourhood homes and my personal favourite – tours of the historical houses & gardens. I’d recommend Tudor House & gardens, as well as near by Dumbarton Oaks. Theres no shortage of eateries here either with something to suit everyone! Georgetown is great if you want to do a bit of everything and its truly packed with cultural things to do. After clocking significant walking time we grabbed an early night for the marathon of sightseeing the next day.

Day Two: We did the ultimate tourist rounds of D.C. on day two. We started at the Tidal Basin, a lake surrounded by Washington’s famed cherry blossom trees. Unfortunately the blossoming was delayed due to bad weather so the blossoms weren’t in full bloom during our trip. We drowned out our blossom sorrows by renting a gigantic motorised paddle-swan and went around the entire lake laughing & soaking up the sunshine and taking in views of the different monuments! From there we headed towards the Abraham Lincoln memorial which had a pretty breathtaking view. We strolled through constitution gardens and over to the Whitehouse, where we had a little salad pitt-stop to refuel. We continued walking the gardens further east passing an array of museums and galleries (Washington is FULL of them and they are all within walking distance of each other)  nipping into the Smithsonian museum, before rushing over to the Botanical gardens before closing time. We were so gutted to be kicked out before getting to take any pictures, botanical gardens are one of my top favourite things to see when travelling. The gardens are a stone’s thrown away from the iconic U.S. Capitol building which is definitely worth taking a gander around (check out the library!).

We ended our fabulous day-two with thai food, sunday night tv, hotel bathrobes and amazement at just how far we had walked in such a short stay (I think we did like 26km on day two!). In my opinion you definitely don’t need more then 48 hours to see the best of D.C. It definitely quelled my thirst for culture temporarily! – T


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  • Robyn Levis

    Love the coffee shot- nothing beats it!

  • Cheryl Birosel Graver

    Cherry Blossoms beautiful

  • Tamara Donevska

    The fourth photo of you in front of that windows is stunning, actually all are, but that one is the best. lovely post

  • Ailis Brennan

    Love love D.C. Fave is 110% the Capitol Building photo with you standing out front. Had to do a double take. Unreal.

  • I love the photo of the Lincoln memorial from across the lake. I really like how you’ve framed it with the hazy and out of focus cherry blossom. It creates such a dreamy image, like you’re in a secret serene location away from other tourists.


  • Lydia Hartley

    I love the interior photo with the line of old chairs and greenery. So nice! Love the new site and excited to see more great things!

  • EitakRroc

    Photo #24 – Beautiful colours of mustard yellow & salmon pink

  • Shannon Buckley Barnes

    What an amazing trip. I have only ever been to New York but this certainly makes me think that next time I head over to the US I should fit in 48 hours for a trip to DC also. My favourite photograph is the shot looking in the window of Tudor House with the orange tree.

  • Gabriela Santacruz

    Tara, you always have the best content, and I’m loving the new look!

    My favourite picture it’s the second to last one, you by the window. Love the colors, I think it’s quite different from your regular bright coloured snaps, that I also love, but there’s something about this one. It is very moody and a bit dark, but you can still appreciate the details.

    Sending lots of love from México! xx

  • Zofia Filipowicz

    The photo of you looking out of the window wins ALL – the ambient lighting, the shadows…. Oh boy, it’s just first class photography right there. Love you, Tara xx

  • Jessica McClearn

    I love the photo peering through the cherry blossom branches across the water to the building in the distance! So beautifully captured and it brightens up a dreary belfast by just looking at it. Looks like you had a beautiful trip all round ?

  • I love the revamp! You’re doing so well recently, I’m loving your content 🙂

    My favourite photo is definitely the breakfast one though! I love me some waffles <3 Good luck with everything girl, you're killing it!

    Dom x

  • Lindsay Murrell

    Your new site looks beautiful as well as all the photos in this post :)! If I had to pick a favourite though, it would probably be the first one, I’m a sucker for photos in front of pretty doors and that is one dream door plus it’s a lovely photo of you too! I also really like the one of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, it’s such a beautiful photo with the water and the tree branches coming into it! It’s all made me want to go to Washington now haha! Anyway I hope you’re having a lovely day :)!

    L xo

  • Sophie Gough

    Hey Tara ,
    My favourite snap from the series is of the US Capitol building with yourself standing in front. I loved the subtly of how the towering beige pants mimic the pillars of the architecture in front, leading your eyes up through to the back of the shot to appreciate not only the styling but the history behind. Reminder of the Irish legendary ladies that are Concrete Collar. Best wishes from home,
    Sophie XX

  • Alina Neacşu

    I’m a big fan of architecture so my favourite pictures have to be the one’s with the Capitol Building! And the one that i like the most is, because is spring, the cherry blossom next to the building! So lovely! ?

  • Тамара Голубовић

    Hi Tar, my favorite post is rockaway vol 2.
    I love all of your posts because you put so much effort in it and they are all artistic! As I said once on youtube, you don’t get as much attention as you deserve and I hope that future will bring more people that recognize the quality of your work!
    Tamara Golubovic

  • So happy your site is back up and running! The photo of you in front of the Capitol Building is gorgeous, I spent a couple of days in DC a few years ago and it was such a beautiful city.

    Billie |

  • Laurie Beaudoin

    These maybe because I’m leaving soon on a trip but I live for the suitcase photo. Amazing new design for your blog ! Xx

  • Laura Wehner

    Hey Tara, my favorite one is the last one, the black and white looks amazing! Love from Germany ?

  • mimmelmellopuff

    My fave photo is the one with you wearing those amazing pastel pink (satin?) pants leaning up against the marble column. You’re so beautiful and the photo is just so aesthetically asdfghjkperfect! So happy that your new website is up and running, can’t wait to see more posts from you 🙂 Sending love all the way from NZ xx

  • Sounds like you had an amazing little get away Tara! I would love to visit Washington one day, the architecture is beautiful. Am I allowed to say I love all of the photos haha! The second photos gives me all the suitcase aesthetic envy… and the first photo is just beautiful. Love the blog revamp by the way x

  • Kathlyn Noelle Kuek

    i loved them all, but my favourite would have to be the blurry cherry blossoms by the lake!!

  • Newly revamped site is looking fab Tara. Love the way it’s sorted by images. Favourite pic has to be the Waffles in bed pic! I’m such a foodie and a sucker for a clean flatlay!! xo

  • Sharon

    Congrats on the revamped website Tara! My favourite photo would have to be the one of yours and your travel buddy’s legs up on the swan. It immediately made me think I was there with you both, looking over the iconic sights and enjoying the sky and water.

  • Nina

    I love the columns and the pink outfit! So gorgeous

  • judithconnolly83

    It is all about those food pics! ❤️

  • Alicia

    Really love the pic of you looking up at the Capitol Building

  • Hannah (hannahandstuff)

    wowww love the new website and this post! so many pretty pictures!! i think my favourite would have to be the one of you sitting in the room with all the plants, so dreamy and earthy. x

  • Charlotte Kearsey

    My favourite photo is the shot of the Capitol – so iconic and you nailed it! Honourable mention must go to that burger though!

  • Marianne Tynan

    I loved all the photographs but my favourite would be the one of the Washington monument, just love the colours/filter!

  • _angexo

    I love the 5th picture of the Washington monument! The filter on it and the silhouette-like nature of the people remind me of a very intricate and hyper-realistic oil painting!

  • Julie Talbot

    It’s so hard to pick just one favourite. I love all the pictures with the Cherry blossoms, but I think my favourite is the one with the shoes over the water. ?

  • Moran Greenwald

    I loved all of them! But if I had to pick one, I’d pick the photo with the window and the baskets (?) and the strip of light.

  • Such beautiful pictures! My favourite’s definitely the one with you in front of the Capitol Building. 🙂 The blog looks so great, exactly your style. x

  • Mikayla Hubert

    wowow these pictures are amazing! Here’s me thinking this would be easy… lol. My favourite is definitely the one of you sitting in the botanical garden (sun room maybe) at the end of the row of fold out chairs (the 21st picture) <3

  • Simona Penkauskaitė

    Amazing colours in all the pictures. My favourite one is of you leaning agains the pillar, that outfit tho!

  • Andrea W

    Definitly the ones you are wearing blue jeans. …looks so good on you! ? its all about denim! ??

  • Aoife

    Loving the food photography and would love to see some more food diary content!

  • Annabelle McAsey

    Such a beautiful collection of travel photographs but I think my favourite is you chilling at the Lincoln Memorial! Side note: those blossoms though!! ??

  • Indi

    So many great photos but my favourite is either pink trousers leaning against the pillar or the final picture ❤️

  • Emily Kot

    I can’t pick a favourite! They’re all so stunning. I love the colours of the cherry blossoms 🙂

  • three Degreesss

    I’m a foodie and so that burger looks absolutely amazing!

  • Erica Kinsella

    Oh my god so many gorgeous photos. It’s really hard to pick but there’s something about one in particular that really stands out to me. The photo of you sitting amongst the rows of chairs in what looks like the inside of a greenhouse is FAB x

  • An Thuý Triệu

    So many pretty scenery pictures! I’ve been there last year! Out of all, my favorite has to be the one of you leaning against the pillar. Love your outfit there!
    – An Trieu

  • Ciara Dawson

    My favourite photo is the one looking through the cherry blossoms across the Tidal Basin! So gorgeous! But they all are wonderful too.