Laser Hair Removal – Afterthoughts…

It’s been almost 6 months since my last laser hair removal appointment and as somebody who ‘ummed & ahhed’ about it for years I thought it might be helpful for some of you to read a round-up of my experience especially now that some time has passed to assess the true results.


I started my course of six treatments at the gorgeous Satori Laser in New York (they have numerous branches in most boroughs of Manhattan but I opted for the grand central station location) through some great reviews on Yelp. I wanted to try laser as the outrageous waxing prices in New York were the last straw and wanted a more permanent result. For those of you who don’t know I got my bikini line treated – for me it’s the main area I can’t maintain fully myself and an area I knew I wouldn’t regret having done! I became super accustomed to getting waxed and honestly looked forward to the days I’d get it done but as I have super strong (and admittedly coarse) growth I’d get very little time out of them paying upwards of £40/€50 for a two-week result. It just got to the point were laser was going to work out cheaper & more convenient in the long run (although after seeing my socials, Satori kindly offered to provide the service – blogging has it’s perks sometimes! Note that I was not asked to write this review though)!


I went every 6 weeks for my appointments which at first made me think it was going to take months complete but the appointments come around before you know it and I had all my sessions complete before Christmas (started end of summer). I felt super at ease in the clinic with my technician (I had the same lady each time and a bit of familiarity definitely helps when you feel totally exposed every 6 weeks!) and we usually wrapped our appointment within 20 minutes. I personally was not bothered by the slightly elastic-feeling snap of the laser and most of my treatment was done on a pretty high setting on the laser too. I had the most results from the very first treatment which was great as I was dreading a weird in-between stage. The root of the hairs just fell out with exfoliation in the shower. I was totally in awe!


Six months on I’m still really delighted with the results – if you have been thinking about it just do it! Even though I have the optimal colouring for laser hair removal treatment I do feel like I would like two go back for 2 more sessions to really concentrate on getting the more intimate areas cleaned up but in general my bikini line is perfectly taken care of and I can whip on a bikini or a cute pair of underwear without letting out a woeful sigh (let’s be real – we’ve all been there)! This is really good also if you have dark hair and lighter skin as it can be so frustrating in areas like the underarms (which I’ll hopefully be doing next) where you appear to have a constant shadowing because of the follicles sitting under the skin even after you’ve shaved. Laser is the only wait to get rid of something like that!


Theres a few things to note when considering whether laser hair removal is right for you. Laser works for most people but as this handy picture below suggests you may need more or less sessions depending on the contrast between your skin and the colour of hair you want to remove. The more contrast between light & dark the better!If you have a low-pain threshold perhaps take an aspirin or light pain killer before the treatment to help – I think what you experience during a bikini wax is a good indicator of how you will react during the treatment. I hope you found my laser hair removal journey insightful- I’m the kind of person when I love something I tend to shout it from the rooftops! – T

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