How 2017 in New York Has Been So Far

Photos by the lovely David T White


Amen for spring dressing! And being one step closer to mastering the ‘harder than it looks’ casual city-chic. It’s all in the over-sized blazer, this ASOS one is definitely one of my most worn pieces in the last few months and I can safely say theres not one thing I dislike about it (other than the fact they didn’t come out with more colours)… Perfect for a leisurely Sunday stroll with my friend David around picture-esque Greenwich Village, eating french toast & wandering around the likes of Le Labo ✔.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but despite my t-shirt I’ve actually been in a really good place lately. Don’t get me wrong I’m still up the walls & do not have my shit together but I feel like this year the hard work is actually paying off and ‘matters’. Moving to a city 3,000 miles away and essentially starting from scratch with like one friend, yeah of course I knew it was going to be tough, but I definitely didn’t know just how much. With my planned year stay slipping away everything just seemed to be happening so slowly – or not at all… Going back to the unpaid intern life (even if only for two days a week) was tough as at that point I felt over-qualified to still be interning and because it took 2 days out of my working week I felt I couldn’t commit to a proper job without quitting the blog & youtube, which has been my life for over 6 years now. Also my UK & Ireland work had completely dried up which to me was so strange as I can work on my social stuff from pretty much anywhere in the world – but it just doesn’t happen like that. People want you based near where the work is and I felt like I had to build my PR list from scratch! However I knew that paying your dues was part and parcel of the experience and I do believe in the saying that ‘anything worth having is worth fighting for’. So even though things were getting me down at every turn and I wasn’t living a very ‘happy’ life I still remained really optimistic that what goes down must come back up. It’s the universe – you just gotta’ trust it and wait for your turn to enjoy the ride again! There were a few small successes, finding a great little apartment in february, meeting some great friends at my first photography job at Vince, and there was a sense of newly found respect I had for myself – sticking to my guns in terms of what I wanted from being here. To be honest though I am one of those people who just thinks 2016 was genuinley dreadful, like a bad vibe cosmically. Haha can we hashtag #cosmicvibes?

I knew from the moment we stepped into the first week of 2017 that things were going to look up. I had a really great set-up with my photography work that allowed me to spend 3 weeks of the month solely full-time blogging, I’d built up my PR list again and started working with some brands I truly love, and in general I felt like life had purpose again. Now I’m just happy, which is all I really want for myself. Anything else is a blessing! – T

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