Photos by Edelle Kenny


What do you do what blogger-favourite StyleBop asks you to style some pieces from their site? YOU SAY YES! These pieces fit like a dream and reminded me why people by designer things – the fit makes you feel incredible! Of course I went for my go to minimalist sweater & wide-leg combo in my favourite colour with a matchy circle bag of dreams from Diane Von Furstenberg.

As you can see by the not-so-spring frostiness Edelle and I shot this just after the last snow storm in New York just before closed for maintenance. I’ve been dying to share the pictures as her snowy rooftop location made for a really interested backdrop – the harsh light and white from the snow on the ground bounced the light around in a really fun way (we were sliding all over the place but as always it was totally worth it)!

I’m writing this post from a chilly coffee shop in Belfast and I have to say I’d have no hesitations jumping right back into this outfit – does spring weather even really exist in Ireland? It’s my second last full day in the motherland and I’m already dreading the trip back to real life in New York. Saying goodbye to family & friends never gets easier… At least I have some fun opportunities to work on when I get back, and the fam-bam blues is nothing a bit of NYC sun can’t fix! – T

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