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PQ8A6876“Love is like the sea. The waves of life, they ebb and flow; they come and go. Time sweeps us away from each other. Love always brings us back.”

Photo Cred: Cathal Harnett Photo

PQ8A6931 PQ8A7013 PQ8A6858 PQ8A7189 PQ8A7021 PQ8A7215 PQ8A7227 PQ8A7241 PQ8A7303 PQ8A7113PQ8A7271PQ8A7237 PQ8A7167 PQ8A7175And the world certainly needs all the love in the world right now. I feel it most near the sea, the water somehow swallows up all your negative feeling – a respite for the mind if only for a few moments. The sound of the waves like a form of meditation you can’t help but surrender to.

Recently I got chatting to Louise Stokes of Dublin-based jewellery store Loulerie about our common background growing up by the sea (and our love for it) and then moving to New York. Louise’s store (just off Grafton street) is finely edited with a fascinating selection of crafted collections by designers from around the world. When Louise showed me her own range of fine-jewellery that she designed entitled ‘The Wave Collection’ I fell for it instantly. Soft feminine pieces inspired by the crest of a wave, it’s hard not to be inspired. When Louise asked me to shoot some pieces of my choice it was a no-brainer! You see working with other brands gives you the inspiration for content you can’t always give yourself.

Louise and I share a very similar aesthetic (I mean look at her instagram!) so I was beyond excited to plan this editorial. It’s funny how my favourite photos are always the ones I take by the sea, the colours even when muted are just so beautiful. I love the north coast in Ireland so Cathal & I jumped in the car on a nervously-dull/rainy thursday morning and shot this (if you haven’t already guessed) at the Giant’s Causeway. The perfect balance of nature with the imperfect linear lines that I love, I figured it would be perfect for this project. The weather was not on our side (wind, rain, general freezingness) but we worked with it to create this mood which I think was completely worth not feeling my toes for an hour!

I’ve recently started investing in fine jewellery as I love pieces that I never have to take off and I’m not going to lie, after wearing these for a few hours I know now theres nothing like some diamonds in dainty jewellery to put a spring in my step! I hope you love the photos as much as I do. Find all the pieces (necklace, bracelets & rings) from The Wave Collection HERE.

*Kindly sponsored by Loulerie

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