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One of my resolutions this year is to take my camera around with me more. There are so many moments here in New York that I wish I had captured, this regret¬†admittedly happens almost everyday. That’s the kinda’ city New York is, you step outside and are almost guaranteed a moment of sheer twisted beauty. I pay attention to my surroundings a lot, always looking up down & around to absorb as much as possible, two things usually catch my eye. A picture perfect New York frame, and the interactions of people. Buildings & landscapes tend to be more patient with me as a rustle through my bag for the camera but I’m trying to capture those people moments as much as I can too. It’s amazing how many pictures you end up taking if you leave the house with your camera! These images were taken of the heaviest day of snowfall during the snowstorm over the weekend. Nothing fancy or convoluted, just two hours through my eyes on the Upper East Side. New York in the snow is truly like another world. The city that never sleeps stopped dead in it’s tracks! Quite haunting but equally beautiful to experience.

*Makes note to buy snow boots for next year.

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