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PQ8A58672Recently I got a new beauty treatment done that I’ve never tried before. It kinda’ low-key changed my life so I decided to put together my thoughts on Nouveau Lashes LVL Lash Lift.

It’s not often I try new beauty-related things, but I figured my blog would be the easiest way to show you the before & after and make it easier to refer back to when I talk about on my other socials in the future. Last week I fancied a bit of a January pick-me-up, and had been eye-ing up (no pun intended) the LVL Enhance Lash Lifta service that is supposed to leave you with beautifully naturally-curled looking lashes.

Ever since Lisa Eldridge did her video review about it I knew I wanted to try LVL at some point. Having typically asian a.k.a super straight lashes which have no curl whatsoever I struggled for years to even find a mascara to work with my lash-curlers (pretty much all of them just sank my lashes back to straight, even waterproof ones). No where local at the time provided the service, so being back in Belfast this month I headed up to Claire McIntyre Beauty, a beauty salon around the corner to where I am now for an appointment.


Before having the treatment, I had a patch test 48 hours before to ensure I wouldn’t have an adverse reaction to any of the products that would be used in the treatment. The treatment itself (which only took about 30 minutes but felt less) was really relaxed and all I had to do was lie there and keep my eyes closed while the Nouveau Lashes technician applied a shield to protect my lower lashes. Nicola then asked me would I like to have the maximum lash lift (which I did, but you can choose a medium or slight lift also) and applied the suitable shield to my upper lids.

A cleansing protein lotion was applied to prep the lashes for 5 minutes in which I felt a very slight sting momentarily. She then applied the lifting lotion to the roots towards the mid section of the lash only and this was left on for another 10 minutes. This was then removed with a neutraliser and my lashes were then tinted and conditioned.

The results were instant. Straight away I looked more alert and awake! I was given instructions to not get my lashes wet for 48 hours & was told my lashes would continue to lift a little more & separate by periodically brushing through the lashes with a provided lash spooly for the next 24 hours. I definitely think they lifted more with the additional combing through. They don’t set for 24 hours so the brushing and making sure you don’t sleep in a way that disturbs the lashes is imperative during this time.


I have to say, I was most impressed two days later when I tried mascara on (yes, just a random one from Boot’s that now actually works on me). I looked so much fresher and I love the softness it adds to my face, especially when I’m not wearing makeup. I was afraid that because my lashes weren’t 100% in their best shape before having the treatment (thanks to my very hard to remove old mascara) that the result wouldn’t be that good but I was surprised to see how many lashes I actually had. The lift is double what I would get using a curler, which I swear adds ten minutes to my makeup routine. The result lasts 6-8 weeks (pretty much until the lash falls out) which for somebody like me well warrants the £40-50 price tag (varies depending on region). After trying lash extensions previously which I really did not get on with, the LVL Lash Lift is something that appeals to me much more – making the most of what I have naturally. Now that it’s being rolled out across America too it’s definitely something I’m going to keep up semi-regularly! I also picked up the Nouveau Lashes eyelash & brow conditioning serum as I’ve been meaning to get my lashes back to full health for a while & want to make sure I keep them in top form for future treatments since they have been lifted. The overall look even with the maximum lift looks extremely natural due to the lifting lotion not being brought through the tips of the lashes and overall I think they look perfectly healthy. See my before & after below!

LVL-lash-results-1I also made a ‘come with me to the salon’ type vlog on the day for my youtube channel with a better idea of my initial thoughts if you want to know more!

*This video was kindly sponsored by Nouveau Lashes

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