She’s Golden

PQ8A5583 @tarmarz-Tar-Mar-New-York-Irish-blogger-2016-winter-fashion-aw-coat-missguided-khaki--premium-military-coat-how-to-wear-new-york-style-tarmarz-['16] PQ8A5559 PQ8A5539h PQ8A5580 PQ8A5544PQ8A5578k @tarmarz-Tar-Mar-New-York-Irish-blogger-2016-winter-fashion-aw-coat-missguided-khaki--premium-military-coat-how-to-wear-new-york-style-tarmarz-['16]-2PQ8A5558-@tarmarz-styles-cluse-minimal-female-watch-mesh-gold-style-in-New-york-blogger-['16]Coat – Missguided (similar here), Skirt – H&M Studio, Watch – CLUSEBag – Chanel, Shoes – Tony Bianco

Sooooooo…. Did you notice, did you notice?! If you didn’t already see my lil’ hair transformation on snap well BAM. Ya girl’s gone to the dark side. Well, almost. I popped back into my favourite girls Anastasiya(colour) & Lorna(cut, style) at Bumble & Bumble Uptown in New York before I left for Ireland and they gave me a new look for the new year. Don’t you just love when your hair colourist just gets you? I went into Anastasiya with no picture or anything, just a vague idea of what I wanted & the word ‘melt’. I wanted to go dark because I got so sick of my hair feeling so dry from bleaching for over a year now and knew putting a darker colour in would help. However I hate how pale I lifeless I look with black hair framing my face & wasn’t quite ready to let go of the grey! She gave me EXACTLY what I wanted, a low-maintenance style with lighter parts framing my face & breaking up the rest of my hair. I feel like a new woman to say the least! What do you guys think?

God I’m so in love with this coat, such an awesome find on Missguided (currently out of stock but they re-stock frequently). It’s like golden hour captured in the prettiest fabric! The almost velvet-like finish feels so rich & festive in a very wearable way and I cant wait to style it with a cool belt or something. I also have not taken this Cluse watch off since I got it. The gold mesh looks so smart with everything and this is the nicest quality mesh style minimal watch I’ve seen on the market. I think it would definitely make a cute Christmas present under the tree for somebody! I just hope my boyfriend doesn’t steal this watch too…

Life update, I’ve been in Cork since last Saturday and literally didn’t change out of my pj’s into actual clothes this entire time! It’s gloomy and raining most of the time but I’m totally loving using it as an excuse. I’ve got an update on my visa too but I think I’m going to write a post at the weekend all about my U.S. visa experience instead. Also if you want to see this coat and other A/W affordable must-haves, I just uploaded a new fashion haul to my youtube! Check it out below (and don’t forget to subscribe)

// Photos shot by Edelle Kenny ; Retouch/Edit by Tar Mar


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