A/W Outerwear Guide | Black Friday Edition


Photos by Fashion Instant

Time to bring out the big guns. I’ve had some gorgeous outerwear come through the door this week and as soon as the plastic packaging was ripped off this Missguided beauty above it was on me! I got SO many questions about it at a press event this week at Barney’s New York. It’s always a good sign if somebody asks if it’s from Acne okeeey. It’s greatness has inspired an A/W outerwear round-up, full of pieces I’ve either got my paws on, already ordered or is currently on my wishlist.R0008412

Speaking of wishlists I have got to tell you about my new favourite way to keep track of them! I was gutted a few years back when the wish-list bookmarker I used to have stopped operating and this week I was introduced to ShopTagr . I am genuinely impressed with it so far and not only is it completely free, it also notifies you when your style & colour is put in a sale (and also works on mobile, yay)! Super handy for Black Friday on the way as I’m sure a ton of the styles I’ve shared above will be included (some are already on sale!). It’s a little button for your bookmark bar & when you see something you like just hit it and it saves it to a pinterest-style wishlist! I’ve been using it a lot for possible christmas presents this year incase any of them go on sale – I also find it stops impulse buying as you have a chance to think about whats in your account at the end of the week or month. Just thought you guys might like it too!

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