5 Things I Loved This Autumn


Autumnal strolls through Central Park. It’s something I don’t do often enough considering I only live a fifteen minute walk from the heart of it but I truly believe theres no better time to see it then in October & November, especially now since the whole park is finally orange! This month I had one of my oldest friends come stay & one of the first things we did was catch up over coffee on a bench & watch the boats in the lake (and a vast array of doges) go by for hours. The thing I love about it the most is whether your rich or poor, happy or sad, Central Park is where people come to find inner peace…PQ8A211522.

Autumn Style. In my opinion you just can’t beat it! All the fun of a/w dressing – coats, scarves, knitwear – without the Manhattan sub-temperatures beating you down, like this GORGEOUS slouchy Line + Dot coat below that I rented last week from Rent The Runway . I haven’t rented in ages and it’s such a fun thing to do in New York when you want to switch up your wardrobe! Not loving the encroaching cold snap – Winter in NYC does not mean layering your cute leather jacket or rocking a cashmere wool blend coat and pointy black boots- it’s straight up puffer down jacket + ugly hat or die so I’m enjoying this weather while it lasts! Luckily I’m ditching a chunk of New York’s harsh winter & will be returning to a milder Ireland for two months soon! Tar-Mar-@tarmarz-what-I-love-about-autumn-in-new-york-city-tourism-blogger-nov-20163.

Warm-toned jewellery. I’m a magpie for gold and amber colored gemstones so I was very happy to update my hand-swag with a range of pieces from one of my favourite Irish designers CHUPI. Wild at heart with ring & bracelet bands that resemble textures of tree branches & natural fibres, my collection includes a bold citrine stone front & centre. Oh did I mention there is a secret inscription ‘And though she be but little, she is fierce’ from Shakespeare on the inside of the bracelet too?! Chupi is a woman after my own romantic heart. tar-mar-tarmarz-blogger-fashion-chupi-jewellery-sally-hansen-miracle-gel4.

Soup Season. I’m a fairly well-rounded cook (If I do say so myself) but I’ve always been terrible & making soup for some reason! However in an effort to stave off evening calorific carbs which I over-dosed on madly when it first got a little colder I’ve been trying my damnedest to get better at it! The consistency still needs work (mine always come out a little on the baby-food side) but the key to killer flavour is definitely roasting your vegetables of choice first. Squash is my favourite!


Warm Matcha Lattes. Yes – I’m a lover of the green stuff and even though iced drinks are my favourite theres nothing like a hot matcha on a chilly day. I love going for a Matcha because it also gives me that extra caffeine boost when I’m trying to avoid coffee. The ‘peaches & cream’ one from The Matcha Bar is one of my favourites!1463679702612wI had fun sharing what I’ve been loving this Autumn and I hope you did too! T.x

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