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TAR-MAR-nyc-irish-blogger-youtuber-style-top-manhattan-usa source[] Louis-Vuitton-patchwork-trend-handbag-[] FINSIHED_-14h FINSIHED_-14w2 Tar-Marz-irish-blogger-in-nyc-style-top-Louis-Vuitton-from-Trendlee-Trend-lee-reviewTop – Choies, Jeans – River Island, Shoes – Tony Bianco, Sunglasses – Celine, Bag – Louis Vuitton


What better way to say hello, long time no see then with my lil’ Louis friend here. I know, I know I kind of fell of the face of social media for the last month! In short – I had some friends come over from Ireland, then I got that really bad ‘change of season’ flu (thank you man spewing germs on the subway, thanks a lot) and once I recovered I felt like I had really lost my mojo – spending all my time playing catchup with work for my photography clients.

We are getting there though, I’m feeling a little more inspired everyday! I’ve started posting on instagram again & have some fun youtube collaborations & NYC vlogs coming up on my channel. I actually embraced the break in a way – sometimes you need to step away from something to re-evaluate how you’ve been doing things. I have so many social channels to post on that I rarely have time to step back and have that reflection while juggling other freelance work. So I pretty much discovered I’ve been doing instagram wrong haha. After posting a really crap un-curated image I realised you guys want to see more of the less-polished posts too! So here’s to moving on up and hopefully finishing up 2016 strong.

Onto the outfit, a simple monochrome look today finished with luxury details… The key-hole top(Choies) & River Island jeans (‘Amelie’ style) are super affordable and the sunglasses are from Celine. The show-stopper though is this beautiful Louis Vuitton ‘Moon Besace’ handbag which the kind folks over at designer-reseller site TrendLee let me style! The only way I would ever accept patch-work… It kind of has a Chloé-esque folk vibe to it! It’s very different to what Louis Vuitton are known for but it’s my kind of statement bag for sure.

It’s kind of summer all of a sudden again here in Manhattan but I love A/W dressing and in the mean-time you’ll find me in my apartment waiting to bust out the leather pants… I would love to know what you have all been up to in the comments! What’s been the best part of your month? T. x

// Photos shot by Edelle Kenny ; Retouch/Edit by Tar Mar

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