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So I’m sitting here in my bed before the last day of fashion week officially creating a sigh of relief but also with a little sorrow that all the fashion fun is nearly over… I mean I guess theres no shortage of fashion here really, it is New York after all – BUT the style that people bring from all over the world to the streets on fashion week is something else!

We were a bit more prepared here on tarmarz.com for NYFW this time around (after moving here just before the last one) and luckily got to go to some great shows… Unfortunately my camera died shortly after arriving to the Club Monaco presentation in Grand Central Station so I didn’t get any images from there but my Snapchat Fam (:tarmarz) got an exclusive to that one! All the shows I attended had an element I really enjoyed; PH5 was close to my heart because of my affinity for innovative knitwear, my eyes have been completely opened to Club Monaco silhouettes, Lacoste for a breathtaking location, and Gabriela Hearst because – well ok ok, I work there & it was extremely fulfilling to be at the brand for a full season and see the end result! The collection was incredible and so diverse in the way they had pieces that young & mature people would find exciting to wear. I was dressing my gorgeous model Sabina from ELITE (above) for this show/presentation and we got on so well. So happy I got to sneak in taking some photographs in between changes!

On Friday get ready for my last NYFW personal style post. You guys have given me the best feedback for Day one & three fashion week outfits so far so if you haven’t already do check them out! Your feedback has made all the running around shooting outfits & standing on peoples heads to get a good picture worth it! Haha… I’m also going to do a trend report/steal the style shopping post at the weekend so you will know what to invest in going into A/W.

Bisous, T.

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