Rockaway: Vol 2

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Watch HERE, Dress HERE

With your hounds and wolves,

carry me to the sea

give your thousand wounds to me.

Your love is an island,

I’m scorched in the sands of it…

“Your Love is an Island” – Talos


// Photos shot by Edelle Kenny ; Retouch/Edit by Tar Mar

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  • Rachael Powell

    Beautiful pictures! you should be a model x

  • Taaaaarrraaaaa!!! so so so beautiful!!!!! The photo with the dog!!!!! OMG!!!!! Love looove looooooove it!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!! white nails with this slip dress…the sea……amazing!!!!!!!! once again in love!!!!! <3

    • TarMarz

      hahaha I love how excited you sound h <333

  • Emma.F

    This is just amazing, I love the editorial vibe. Edelle is a super talented photographer!

    • TarMarz

      Thankyou! she certainly is! x

  • So so so gorgeous Tara! You look incredible

    Heather x

    • TarMarz

      Thanks for checking out volume 2 Heather! x