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Blue and turquoise,
Complexion of beauty,
Waves that move so soft and smooth,
In a gust of wind,
Picks you up in inspiration,
Of whom you are as a person.
Deep and mellow is the ocean,
To everything below sea level,
Thoughts of interest,
May provoke this feeling of greatness,
Don’t be afraid,
Of what the ocean may offer.
Hold yourself in the movements of the feeling,
Of how good the touches of the waves feel on your body.
Only imagine what would happen,
If the ocean would take you,
And then only think of what a new and exciting adventure,
You may behold on a journey through an ocean.

“The Ocean” by Lisa A. Syroka


// Photos shot by Edelle Kenny

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  • This photo series is so stunning!

  • So dreamy!

  • Nikoletta Jonkisz

    You look stunning and photos are looking wonderful!

  • stunning!!!!!!! the picture where you are a tiny little figure & the sea!!!!! love these series!!!!!! beautiful photography, beautiful editing, beautiful girl!!!!!!!

  • Love this look! And the photography is soo dreamy
    xo Aya

    • TarMarz

      More to come on tuesday, soooo happy you likey! x

  • Ever since watching your latest vlog I was so excited to see this editorial! I adore the results <3

    • TarMarz

      yay, so happy you came over from the vlog to see the results! x

  • Everything about this is perfection! So talented.


    • TarMarz

      Thankyou! More to come on tuesday! x

  • Just watched your vlog and I love seeing a mixture of more creative and editorial style posts on your blog 🙂

    Certainly worth the early morning wake up call!

    Heather x

    • TarMarz

      Yay, glad you liked it, so happy with the feedback, we wish we had time to shoot like this all the time! x

  • anna shave

    ughhhh i love everthing about this, absolutely gorgeous photography, flawless styling and the poem is beautiful too xxx

    • TarMarz

      Thankyou, Edelle nailed it! Glad you likey, more to come on tuesday x