Ballerina on the Weekends

Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style.23 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style-grey-hair-bleach-inspo-black-to-grey-bleach-blonde-hairTar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style322 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style-676 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style-2 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style-3 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style-211 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style.3213 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style232 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style-232 Tar-Mar-NYC-New-York-based-fashion-personal-style-blogger-top-2016-summer-Aritzia-pleated-skirt-missguided-bomber-jacket-how-to-style.3232 DSC02641-(7)Soft Bomber – Missguided, Skirt – Aritza, Crop Top – American Apparel, Shoes – Tony Bianco, Earrings – Zara

Sometimes Edelle & I go into such a bubble shooting and make a lil’ magic! Today I give you the off-duty ballerina in trainers, hehe. Nothing makes a bleach addict like me happier the perfectly pearly grey hair retouched by my fam at my favourite uptown Bumble & Bumble salon (courtesy of the wonderful Anastasia who did my colour). Theres also something about editing photos that gives me such satisfaction, after a debbie-downer of a week (you know the kind – sleepy, unproductive, nothing on netflix type – oh and my 16-year old dog died, that sucked) I’m so happy to be sharing a new look. To me this outfit is made of some very simple components, but together they make something kinda tom-boy kinda whimsical. It actually took a surprising amount of confidence to leave the house in a crop top – I had no choice but to be confident in it… A soft bomber jacket is a good compromise until our A/W basic bomber is back!

The skirt provided the movement inspiration, a piece I surprising have been getting a lot of use out of since I picked it up in Aritzia. Aritzia is one of my favourite stores in New York for really good quality (and admittedly slighted pricey) capsule pieces and this skirt is no exception! How could a gal not prance around the Upper East Side…

Photos by Edelle Kenny

Edit by Tar Mar

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  • Caroline Tran

    I love this outfit! Loving the color palette

  • Nikoletta Jonkisz

    You look stunning and the outfit is so nice 🙂

  • I really love how the blush tones compliment your hair!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  • I’m blown away by these photos Tara! Each image is beautifully curated, your poses are perfect! Yourself and Edelle obviously make a great creative team, this is by far one of my favourite outfit posts of yours!

    Emma x

  • This look and the photos are i n c r e d i b l e. Love the softness and girly-ness of the shoot combined with strong focal points 🙂

    • TarMarz

      Glad this ballerina vibe appeals 😉 thanks so much, loved that you noticed the focal points x

  • Emma.F

    Oh my goodness. My favourite look of yours by far, the photos are stunning! I have a bit of a weakness for anything ballerina-esque so I am in love! The first picture is my particular favourite x

    • TarMarz

      Thanks Emma, that weakness makes the two of us! 😉 Thamks for sharing your favourite photo from the shoot ! X

  • These photos are stunning Tara! I’ve been so drawn to pale pink hues recently so this might make me take some pieces to the checkout…

    Esmé // CloudEsmé

    • TarMarz

      Esmé, what a pretty name! Lots of pink splashed here and there on the blog, might be good to have a browse x