Woodbury Common Designer Outlet NYC | Worth The Trip?

PQ8A1915-(2)wA gal like me is always open to a good designer discount, but is the rather famous Woodbury Common worth the trip out of Manhattan? Find out what you can expect to find at this designer outlet…

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Hello Hello! FINALLY getting a chance to share my thoughts on a trip to Woodbury Common and yes I know this is very much over due and over-promised but flying to Ireland twice in 3 weeks and settling back into work really messed up my schedule.

What better way to slip back in then to share pretty pictures of expensive things, right? Ok so I’m sure most of you have visited some kind of designer outlet village before whether it be Kildare Village in Ireland or Bicester Village in England etc etc, but if you haven’t been to one before it basically is like a sprawling village full of well known brands offering rock-bottom prices.

The village includes a range of high-street stores like Nike, Aldo, Vince, J. Crew, mid-level stores like Sandro, Maje, 7 for all mankind, Rag & Bone, All Saints, Agent Provocateur and Stuart Weitzman all the way up to very high end like Celine, Dior, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Versace & Tom Ford.

So is the 1 hour $50 trip out of New York worth it? After going with two others I can tell you one thing, it totally depends on the type of person you are. The results of this totally important ground-breaking case study were as follows… Person A lets say, comes with a big list full of items to get for friends and family as well as finding it easy to buy lots of things for themselves. Person B doesn’t buy anything they don’t really need and takes the time to consider a purchase & cost per wear. I’m more along the lines of Person B for sure. Person A filled a massive suitcase, Persons B x2 filled about one shopping bag between them. So what went wrong for me?

The village itself is an extremely relaxing shopping environment, especially if you go on a weekday. Personally I’m a hard high-street shopper to please, and hate anything that involves sifting through rails of clothing! Most of the stores felt just like the regular ones but there were a few that either carried multiple brands that I couldn’t deal with and also some stores like Guess and Armani Exchange that I feel produce far lower quality styles primarily for outlets like this. The Mid-level stores were also really nice but I just didn’t see anything that really stood out to me, sure lots of nice things that would be nice in my wardrobe but nothing yet to justify the $50 ticket. The high-end stores like Balenciaga and Celine were exceptionally beautiful and felt special to be in even though it was in an outlet. They had great styles from past seasons in stock and Balenciaga had mostly 50% discounts with some rails having an additional 25% on top of that. I really fell for that gill-net style black bomber jacket in the fourth image but even with the massive discounts the garments were still in the $800-$1000 range, the kind of pricing I wouldn’t drop without heavy consideration! However I did love the Nike Factory and got two pairs of fly knit trainers (which was something I actually needed for working out) for under $90.

So for me I don’t particularly think the trip was worth it, but if your a shopaholic or you got some serious money to spend I’m sure you would get the value out of it! For a shopping refuel, I’d stop at Pret a Manger, Shake Shack or Applebee’s if you want to soak up some Americana!

You can catch me on youtube back to my Monday slot but I will see you all on here on Tuesday for a new style story, x

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