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White tee – Not Another Label, Jeans – American Apparel, Bag – Missguided, Shoes – Zara

Sometimes casual is just best, am I right? You can never go wrong with a classic white tee and jeans pairing, but theres a few elements involved in getting it just right. For me a good pair of non-stretch jeans like these mom style ones from American Apparel have a bit more of a street style edge and just look ten times cooler then your average pair of stretch skinnies (lil’ tip, cut the ends off yourself to add to those cool points your racking up;-) ). One of my favourite looks is the combination of jeans like these and ‘cutesy’ heels as I like to call them ’cause kitten heel would be an insult to such a fabulous way of adorning your feet… Low-heel, low fuss but with all the lady-likeness of a stiletto!

Finally the shops are filling up with these styles and while researching some alternatives to these suede Zara ones I got recently I found some beautiful styles online! I might do my next post on them if you would be interested 🙂 Also I’m finally switching up my bags (I’m trying you guys really I am) and the suede cylindrical Missguided bag fitted in perfectly with my suede shoes and Aldo sunnies (*cough Dior dupes)…

Lastly, you can’t have a white tee and denim look without a white tee sooo – I present the sassiest t-shirt in my wardrobe. I had to have this Not Another Label tee when I saw it on their instagram, but hurry the last few are on sale! Loved the vibe of this quick shoot on Madison Avenue with Dell. See you in the next post – T.x

Photos by Edelle Kenny

Edit by Tar Mar

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