Life Lessons Learned in New York, New York

Tar-Mar-nyc-based-irish-fashion-blogger-top-2016-may-monochrome-monki-asos-@tarmarz-[]11Reflecting on what this short 7 months in this crazy city has made me realise…

Without a doubt and for better or for worse – this city will make or break you. Even though I’ve only been here seven months I feel like I’ve lived through ten lifetimes with the shit the city makes you go through (I’m sure my fellow Irish bloggers in NYC will concur)! However, living here has made me realise a lot of things about myself and my future and for that it was worth paying my dues. Which brings me to my first point ->

1. In the wise words of rapstress Iggy Izalea – Trust your struggle. The first day to the first four months were varying degrees of hell full of apartment and visa woes and many restless nights, all while trying to get stuck into what you came here for. The only thing that helps is knowing your doing all that you can and that what goes down must always come back up!

2. I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY – well, permanently anyway. As a kid I was always headstrong about moving to the US and spending the rest of my life here. What I didn’t expect is how much my mind has changed since living here. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here right now and hope to stay for another year or two but I don’t see myself settling here, not in New York City anyway. Distance is a big thing, I have no intentions of staying in Ireland but somewhere in Scandinavia seems like the most appealing next move and a little closer to home. Also I live in a building predominantly occupied by small families and old people. The thing that really strikes me about NYC you are never just alone, your always sharing transportation, sharing buildings and you are always just on the other side of a wall to somebody else. I now really appreciate the space and remoteness you can find when you build a house in Ireland in the middle of a field where you can suitably act psycho whenever you wish. Seventy and eighty year-olds taking twenty minutes to get to their 6th floor walk-up apartment and seeing every kid with a nanny is just not how I want to go.

DSC07756-(1)23. On a brighter note, it really is the land of opportunity and the place you can make all your dreams come true if your willing to work hard for them! There are just infinite possibilities here and it’s just one big social network of inspiring people all driven to make their mark. I’ve had the most interesting of conversations with people I’ve met in central park, on the street or in the subway.

4. One thing thats definitely changed is I make way more of an effort in my appearance – not so much makeup as thankfully a lot of people here don’t really bother too much with makeup in the workplace (and it’s way to hot for that shit right now) but outfit wise I try and look nice. I mean I still definitely have days where I just go out as plain jane in jeans and flats but outfits are much more fun to put together here. I’ve never gotten the chance to wear so many day-dresses in my life!

Tar-Mar-Irish-fashion-personal-style-blogger-in-new-york-nyc-top-youtuber-instagram-styling-tiered-tulle-skirt-white-summer-2016-[SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM-june-2016]2-grey-hair-inspiration-picture-black-to-grey-hair5. I’ve learned to become truly independent. Financially I always have been (I paid my own way through university & getting to new york) but emotionally was something different. Between my ever so relatable parents who always made time for what I had to say (and gave me just the right amount of pity if something didn’t go well) or my boyfriend who just has been my rock through so much, I really learned to deal with my emotions and hardships on my own in New York. To be strong in a city like this makes you feel like you can conquer anything!

6. It’s made me realise that in New York especially, its one big revolving door of opportunity. I never get down if I don’t book a job or something I’m looking forward to falls through because there is always something new about to smack you right in the face! It’s the strangest thing, I usually lose out then pick up something new in a matter of hours! It’s all about having a bit of belief in yourself that something else better is right around the corner and that you deserve it. What you put out into the universe, the universe will give back to you.

Tar-Mar-blogger-fashion-The-hamptons-2016-NYC-blogger-2Hope you enjoyed my mid-year reflection, don’t forget to say hi in the comments – I know it’s been a minute! T.x

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