Tiered Tulle | How to Style It

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Tar-Mar-Irish-fashion-personal-style-blogger-in-new-york-nyc-top-youtuber-instagram-styling-tiered-tulle-skirt-white-summer-2016-[SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM-june-2016]3 DSC07664-(1)wws DSC07664-(1) DSC07664-(1)22 White-tiered-tulle-skirt-how-to-style-on-Tarmarz.com-SUmmer-2016-style-teen-vogue-nyc-blogger-new-york-fashion-2016-SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM-june DSC07664-(1)w DSC07664-(1)r DSC07664-(1)-tiered-tulle-white-skirt-on-tarmarz.com-SOURCE-june-2016

Well well, what do we have here?! Tara wearing an uber-girly, non-swedish inspired outfit? The sun must be getting to me…

Even though I do love my minimal things, I’m a lover of anything beautiful and this skirt is certainly that! I usually would never wear a skirt like this as I find tulle skirts a bit bleh but this tiered style seemed so much more elegant, and in a moment of weakness I added it to the basket. Thankfully this time round I didn’t regret it! The cut is unbelievably flattering which I didn’t expect from such a flouncy fabric, and the elastic waist makes it ridiculously comfortable (and princess worthy according to the little french girl at the zebra crossing on the way to this location! 😉 ) Looking back I probably would have paired this with a black boyfriend t-shirt to make it more monochromatically me, but I was way to excited about all this new Choies pieces that I wore everything I got! Everything is trés affordable btw.

I think with a super girly skirt like this it can of course be dressed up for occasions but I would recommend taking the Olivia Palermo route to get more wear out of a piece like this, pairing with something casual on top like a thin long-sleeve knit or tee with something feminine on the feet (or if your feeling Tom Boy like myself on an average day Adidas Stan Smith’s are ALWAYS a good idea).

It feels really good to be back posting again, thank you for all your lovely comments on my last personal post. I’ve got an exciting week ahead which you can tune in with on my Snapchat (Tarmarz) as well as some fun videos & posts in the pipeline over the next two weeks. Watch out for Thursday’s blogpost too, all about what you can find at the famous designer outlet in New York – Woodbury Common.

(Top size M, Shoes true to size, Skirt fits size 8-12 UK)

T. x

Photos by Edelle Kenny

Edit by Tar Mar

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