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You know, I really feel terrible when I drop off the face of the earth like that… It’s been a busy two weeks with my best friend from Ireland coming to stay and then my mom coming over right after. It’s been the first time in almost six months I’ve gotten to spend time with family from back in Cork so I just took most of the time off to revel in their company. If you want to know what I’ve been upto the last week or two, you can watch my new NYC vlog HERE (it’s a good one if you’ve never been to NYC or are planning to go soon!). It’s a really fun vlog and I guess made me feel I wasn’t completely being useless blog-wise!

Currently I’m trying to catch up on work, book some new exciting adventures for June & July (I could burst I have so much to tell you, but I will say LA could be on the cards!). Onto this look

I love this spring vibe take on my monochrome usual *cough* lil’ t-shirt sneaking in there. Edelle & I shot this at a spot I’ve been meaning to shoot at for the longest – the Met Museum here in the Upper East Side! I’ve been in there twice this week, once to see their vast permanent collection of world artifacts & a second time to see the current Manus x Machina exhibition celebrating the relationship between fashion & technology. Oh and did I mention there is A LOT of Haute Couture from the likes of Iris Van Herpen, Dior & Chanel involved?

Thanks for all out there that are always so patient with me and my posting schedule, I’m goin to try my best to get back into the swing of things this week! Keep an eye out for Thursday’s shopping post!

Photos by Edelle Kenny

Edit by Tar Mar

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