Satin On Madison

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Probably my new favorite item in my wardrobe, this satin off the shoulder number is the epitome of ‘dress it up or dress it down’. I was only wearing it about twenty minutes and got at least three compliments from passers-by! Of course you know me, I had to add a bit of tomboy & paired it with my vintage frayed Levi’s – a staple in any girls capsule wardrobe..

Onto my absence – I’m guilt ridden and I hate the fact I’m always apologizing here! Every time I get my shit together, life seems to throw me a big old ‘no Tara you will never be consistent’ looking boulder in my way. Alas as many of you saw on snapchat (@Tarmarz) I made a last minute trip home back to Ireland last week for the funeral of a dear family member. I had planned to post all the fun content I had shot while I was away but it just didn’t happen, understandably. I found it quite hard to ‘move on’ and keep posting until I addressed it but I’m starting to get back into my flow now, which I’m REALLY excited about.

This week has really been a turning point & I’ve taken the last few days to re-evaluate the content I want to present to you guys on my social media channels, mainly youtube. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down six new ideas last night! I want to try a bunch of new approaches & styles that I think are a lot more my style & personality and hopefully a little more unique too. With a little more planning I should be able to realize them. Fash Love – Tara

Photos by Edelle Kenny

Edit by Tar Mar

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