Tar Mar Takes The Hamptons // Travel Diary

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 White T & Black Shorts – H&M, Dress – Zara

So excited to finally share some photo memories from my first and very much need trip out of New York City, the Hamptons through my eyes I suppose!… Home of the rich and famous (who can’t stand to spend their summer’s in NYC), Montauk & the Hamptons are their go-to towns. The idea of it from watching so many movies is such a novelty and I was pretty excited to join fellow Irish gals Erika (Retro-Flame), Lorna (LC’s Closet), Niamh (Cinnamon Soul) & Ciara for a fun weekend away.

We stayed at the Montauk Yacht Club and I can’t put into words how beautiful the view of the docks was from our room. I kind of forgot what the sun glistening on the water looked like, and lordy the empty beaches & quaint little white towns of the Hamptons seemed a million miles from the bustling streets of NYC. It’s weird seeing people drive porsches around such a beach town but at least we fit right in with this gorgeous Range Rover that we got to ride in for the weekend (add getting one of those bad boys to the life goals list)! I kept it casual in my new shorts and white tee (that I had to make a mad shopping dash for when I realised I literally own NO summer clothes) on day one with this cute bardot-style striped dress from Zara on day two! I love how cute & simple off the shoulder style clothes are but I find on my shape they definitely need an accessory so I added another first – a neck tie also from Zara. Here’s to more trips out of New York City!

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