Grey Hair Don’t Care

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 “Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”

Never a truer work spoken. So over the last year it’s been a real journey to get my hair the way I wanted it. I knew it was going to 1. take time, and 2. be expensive. For a fairly low-maintenance girl, the whole grey hair thing is a pretty high maintenance hairstyle. Luckily my hair is short and I know how to style it without using heat tools most of the time, but it’s more high maintenance in the sense that you have to spend time and money[LOTS] on expensive silver shampoos & deep conditioners as well as double-process bleaching every 6-7 weeks (a full 7-8 hours in the chair). I do it though because it makes me feel like I stand out a little more, I do love my natural haircolour but it makes me feel so boring!

I like to share my salon experiences (as you all have probably noticed) because it’s a damn hard look to achieve and it’s so hard to find people capable of doing it well. I was fairly happy with my last salon visit in NYC, but after my friend Miriam (who has amazing grey toned hair) from the RetroRose blog recommended some colourists at the extremely convenient uptown Bumble & Bumble salon I had to try it out! After checking out Zoe Wieperts Instagram I knew she could be ‘the one’. Boy was I right, Zoe made me feel so comfortable and what I liked about her was that she was really excited to do my hair! Zoe made me feel so positive as she meticulously fixed all the bleach discrepancies that were previously in my hair (ick, check out that before and after below!) and gave me a perfect platinum blonde base before adding this custom grey gloss toner to my hair. What makes Zoe an expert is her colour knowledge & desire to do the job throughly & not take any shortcuts which in this case was making my hair really evenly bleached so that it would be easier for me to manage. The result? The most perfect grey hair experience yet! This was the first time my whole head was genuinely perfectly grey. Last time my hair came out pretty blue so to wake up and see even steel-y grey hair every day makes me so happy! Zoe gave me lots of dimension and I love how the colour doesn’t look flat.  Not many colourists can get black hair to go an even platinum and keep your hair healthy even in New York City so if I could give you any advice it would be to pay the money for somebody thats going to do an excellent job. This is a colourist who I’ll definitely return to. My fab haircut was beautifully attended to my senior stylist Nancy. All hail Bumble & Bumble. T. 

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