Five Things I’ve Learned About Living in New York

Tara---unedited-56Today I’m reflecting on my past 5 months in the Big Apple and sharing some things I’ve learned and observed in this crazy city…Tara---unedited-57

Lesson 1: Even if you don’t drink coffee, here YOU WILL DRINK coffee, its a fact. This is the city of hard workers, and sometimes hard workers need artificial fuel! Damn it’s hard being a sleepy girl with a busy life (I wish had I come up with that quote but I got it from a meme 😉 ) and for a while there I was getting 1-2 coffees per day, which is very unlike me! I hate the thought of being addicted to something so I made the switch to matcha latte’s or iced matcha tea but it’s still seen as pretty hipster and the average coffee shop doesn’t always have any. Matcha is great, its sorta’ green and a bit too-healthy looking but it tastes pretty good and gives you a caffeine boost without the crash!

Lesson 2: New York holidaying is completely different to actually living here. One doesn’t make as much effort to see new things and often when it finally comes to the weekend you just pass out (or catch up on your second job – blogging 😉 ). Honestly most days are just the same as everywhere else in the world, get up, go to work, die a lil, come home & sleep (lol jk I love my job(s)). Just when you forget your in this famous city stuck in the mundane routine of adult life, there it is – you see something just sublime. It may be as simple as meeting friend in a new spot, or looking up at the colours emanating from the Empire State, something to remind you of how amazing this place really is.


Lesson 3: You will not meet you dreamboat man in NYC. Okkkk maybe you will, but probably not. Now, I can’t say this from my own experience but my reconnaissance indicates that most men you will meet on let say – tinder (one of the few ways people find dates due to aformentioned busy schedules) will either cringe you out, try to use you, or ghost you. I think my long-distance relationship is actually a million times easier then trying to find a boyfriend in NYC from what I’ve gathered from my sources!


Lesson 4: The city that never sleeps, does sleep! Especially in the Upper East Side when all you want is a little bite to eat after a night on the town, nah! Everything closes at 10-11pm, not even a slice of pizza to be had… One thing I massively miss about home is access to a local chip shop, can’t a girl get a chunky chip on her hobble home?! And yes, chippers are all but non-existant in NYC which makes my food soul sad. NYC your missing out! (I would reccomend The Salt & Battery for those who want to find something close to the real deal though!)

Tara---unedited-56-3Sweater, Pants, Bag, Shoe, Sunglasses

Lesson 5: It’s true here when they say ‘you’ll never know who you will meet’. With so many big brands making NYC their base, you really never know who’ll you’ll end up chatting to in a lift, or while sitting on the grass in Central Park! It’s a fantastic place to network, and it seems to happen so organically, without even trying! Also the Irish charm will always get you a long way, lil’ help here, extra pistachio shot in your coffee there, it seems to put people in a good mood! Americans are so friendly and warm which makes it very easy to settle here.. I quoted in a post a while back “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” (Tom Wolfe) – I think it’s very true!

Photos by Edelle Kenny

Edit by Tar Mar

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