6 Clean & Healthy Meal Ideas

Tarmarz.com-What-I-eat-in-a-day-blogpost-vegetarianIf your like me and feel bloated, groggy and like your carrying around food in your stomach for days after eating meat, plant-based/lighter meals can give your body a great break from all that tough digestion! Coming up with hearty vegetarian meals can be tough so I thought I’d gather up some of the photos of random food I’ve been hoarding & share some of my favourites with you!

Breakfast and lunch is usually very interchangeable for me. If I’m feeling savoury I’ll always go with eggs.  Tarmarz.com-what-I-eat-in-a-day-vegetarian-plant-based-blog-post

I would easily be vegan if I didn’t love eggs so much (Eggs and potatoes are basically what I’ve deduced my food personality too haha). My favourites are a classic home-made smashed avocado on toast (easily made with a quarter avo, a generous squeeze of lemon & a good dash of salt & pepper for a fail safe smash, and a little agave nectar if your feeling sweet) and a poached egg – lil tip for poaching, never use boiling hot water, you’ll ruin your eggs! I never liked avocado until I added lemon & learned how to know if it’s ripe. I also love a good ol’ plate of scrambled egg + egg whites cooked slow and low on the pan in butter. Add salt, pepper, onion granules & parsley for some next level scrambles! Acai bowls as a lot of you already know from my snapchat & Instagram (both @tarmarz) are a new obsession of mine. After a lot of argument with my PT discussing how I really hate drinking smoothies, I decided trying smoothie bowls instead and I much prefer the thicker consistency! I usually only blend frozen fruit like mango, cherries, blueberries with added frozen acai packs for an extra super-food punch! I usually top with peanut-butter granola and even though it’s high in natural sugars it keeps me full & adds a ton of extra nutrients into my diet. I have these on days I work out as post-workout or sometimes with a little icecream for a night-time treat when I’m under on my calories too. If you want to know exactly how I make them, check out my What I Eat in a Day video at the bottom of this post.PQ8A9211-(1)ww

For my evening meals, I try to be smart with staple ingredients that are versatile & will minimise waste, while still giving me lots of choices for meals. I’m a very intuitive eater these days and hate being too constrained by meal prep or repetitiveness. What-I-eat-in-a-day-meal-ideas-plant-based-vegetarian-[source-Tarmarz.com-may-2016]

I noticed recently that I eat very plant-based (along with brown carbs) when I’m having sedentary days or weeks when I’m not exercising. Meat really doesn’t make me feel good unless I’m working out 3-5 times a week so up until recently for dinner I ate a mostly plant-based diet with the odd bit of cheese & fish here and there.


One of my go to 15 minute stove-top meals is a simple brown spaghetti dish (don’t be afraid of carbs, this spaghetti is low in fat & sugar). Just boil the spaghetti, and throw in your staple veg (mine is always carrot & broccoli) in the last two minutes of the 7 minute total time and while thats cooking heat up some olive oil & chopped fresh garlic together for a Aglio E Olio type dish. Before the garlic browns take off the heat, let the pan cool & add in the spaghetti & veg – plate up & serve with some parmesan. I also love a good bit of cod for days I’m craving a fish & chips. Coat wit an egg-mix, coat with breadcrumbs & lightly pan fry for some flakey fish goodness along with some potato mash. I’m currently training myself to like salmon but we’ll chat about that in volume two! Last up is the ugliest but heartiest of the bunch. A concoction that really quelled those ‘nothing I have will please me’ notions that we all have right before we pick up the phone and dial up a takeaway! Bare with me – it’s a roasted sweetpotato and rice bowl with bbq baked beans. Add whatever you want, but you get the idea! Weird but amazing, I added a ton of spinach & arugula with mine. 

My motto with food is always to listen to what your body is asking for & try to accommodate that in a clean way. I keep an eye on my calories but for me the nutrition I get from food comes in number one. The foods we eat are the building blocks of our body so it’s something to invest in. Where you can invest in organic produce, I personally stay away from pre-made & processed foods including anything artificial like fake dairy & fake meats (a biologist teacher friend scared me out of those a long time ago)! For the past few years it’s something I’ve really sworn by, and I like that 90% of the time I know exactly whats in my food, food that is full of nutrients to help my body function and work properly & hopefully give me a long healthy life!

For more check out my plant based ‘What I Eat in a Day’ below!

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