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Back with the black, styling a look suited for another deceivingly cold day in NYC. Its so sunny most days but blusteringly cold so I whipped out the new [old] vintage leather jacket and ASOS flares for a look with a bit of attitude. I don’t have any leather jackets here with me in NYC and kind of had to have this collared style when I saw it hanging there during my first trip to Goodwill at Union Square (a well known charityshop/thriftstore chain in America). I went in for vases, and came out with a few great pieces like this beat up Kenneth Cole jacket which I’m sure would have a lot of great stories to tell! I also got some great vases for flowers around the apartment, I always find the perfect ones at charity shops when I cant find any good ones on the highstreet…

Also can we have a moment for me after saying for years I would never wear flares, here I am – shamelessly flared. What can I say they’re just cool – boots, trainers they go with everything and they’re admittedly flattering on the legs. However I was a bit gutted to realise the 30″ leg wasn’t long enough, I guess wearing skinny jeans for years I didn’t notice that I’m more likey a 32″. I’ve been getting so many questions about these sunglasses as well, complete with ultra thin arms and a super black tint they give any outfit a cool edge! Definitely a must-buy…

I also have a new OOTD video on my youtube channel, so if your into outfits in motion check it out HERE! Until the next, T.

Photos by Edelle Kenny

Edit by Tar Mar

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