Switching It Up Again

Tara-Marzuki-@tarmarz-fashion-style-blogger-grey-hair-inspiration-source-TARMARZ.com Tara-Marzuki-Irish-fashion-blogger-in-NYC-New-york-style-shopping-makeup-hair-grey-hair-inspo-inspiration-toner-@TarmarzOh nothing beats a trip to the salon.

The one thing I hate about moving is the struggle of finding a new hair colourist. Slinging bleach ain’t no joke and I’ve had my fair share of bleach-related mishaps. Although I’ve never had a 100% perfect result with bleaching my hair, I’ve realised it just comes with the territory, especially since I have such thick hair.

However I’ve been on the hunt for weeks to find a colourist I trust in NYC and after lots of stalking on instagram I found Chi, co-owner of Bianchi Salon in the lower east side who I’m so happy I’ve met. Chi didn’t cut any corners with my hair, bleaching my hair with Olaplex (protects integrity of hair during bleaching) & double toning it. We went for a blue-y grey which is so much fun, although toners do wash out pretty fast so it’ll fade out back to my white blonde eventually. Chi also gave me the exact cut I wanted, a super blunt Sia-esque bob which wasn’t too long or too short for an edgier look. I can’t say enough about Chi, we had so much fun chatting and the 4 hours seemed to fly by.

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