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Nothing is sweeter then the feeling of finishing a project. I’ve been working really hard to finish off the interior décor for my living/kitchen area, and first up is one of my favourite spots. For both practical reasons and because I prefer to live a minimal ‘less things to drag to the next flat’ lifestyle I’ve stopped and really considered each piece in my new home. Key pieces that give that home-like haven vibe without being overly cluttered.

It’s good to invest in those key items, timeless treasures that will get you from one apartment to the next and have you settled-in in no time! I love a thrifty bargain (bit of a craigslist addict at this stage) and while I saved money on a second-hand futon bed, it was important that I try not make it feel like a sofa bed. You guys know from my previous posts I have been loving Etsy for home decor as everything is so much nicer then whats in store (I am so sick of IKEA). Pieces like this beautiful hand-knitted chunky merino knit blanket add that little bit of cosy-class. Everyone has been loving it, and I’m constantly being asked about it! I found mine from Becozi here. My cill is minimal with my first piece of artwork & a few books, but the real star is this arching lamp complete with a concrete base (hello, so up my street – Find it here)  & a big and beautiful edison bulb. Continuing on with my white & grey theme, theres nothing like some good quotes to make you feel happy & I thought these appliqué ‘New York’ & ‘Te Quiero’ Bright July cushions added a sweet touch & a lil’ personality. Theres little specks of gold dotted through out, and nothing makes my magpie eyes more happy then opening packages with this glorious gold scissors, ching!

I don’t think any minimalist home is complete without a hide rug, so I decided to follow my interior decor inspiration post & get one from Rodeo Hides. The acrylic chair was another really good Craigslist find and I must of paid a fraction of it’s original cost as was the IKEA wide stave mirror which both make the room feel a little bigger! Totally worth dragging across town.

I kinda’ have to pinch myself when I see these images because although my place is small, it really feels like my dream little NYC home… Next week I’ll be showing you my kitchen area, which I adore so stay tuned for that. Let me know if your enjoying my decor posts in the comments 🙂 T

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