White-kitchen-interior-decor-inspirations-small-apartment-nyc-style-by-Tar-Mar-[SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM-MARCH-2016]PQ8A9731-(1)-SWELL-birchwood-marbleTar-Mar-@Tarmarz-All-whte-minimal-decor-ideas-ball-mason-jar-banner-lights-rope-shelf-[SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM-MARCH-2016] PQ8A9731-(1)SSS[SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM-2016]-White-table-wash-gloss-console-desk-White-minimal-kitchen-decor-by-Tar-Mar“You’ll find her in the kitchen, cooking up a storm!”

If you’ve been following me for a few years, you’ll know I love learning to cook. Although I should really classify most of it as experimentation because all through university I was an absolute frankenstein in the kitchen! My time in the kitchen is completely therapeutic for me so it was import that I invest in this space…

My actual cooking/fridge/ sink area is absolutely tiny (it is NYC afterall) and my insides wept a lil’ knowing I’d have to cook here. I decided I needed some functional pieces to 1. prepare my food at & 2. that would compliment the small living space. Like I mentioned in my previous décor post I wanted to be really selective with key pieces that would add that mid century minimalist aesthetic that I like to create a space that I enjoy being in. I’ve concluded one of the worst things you can do when trying to add personality into your home is falling back into the emotionaless IKEA safety blanket. DON’T DO IT!

Continuing with my love for Etsy, I fell in love with all thing pin-legged and was so excited to work with Casey from his etsy shop FIFTYMOD on creating a table suited to my needs. We decided on a white table made narrower, more like a console to act as my ‘counter space’ while also doubling as a potential work desk. What I got was so much more… I expected a bit of white timber, probably rough on some nice legs. The table I recieved (baring in mind I studied woodwork & carpentry) was a beautiful white washed timber that still let the woodgrain shine through, finished off with a glass-like resin surface. It’s hard to capture in photos but it’s honestly one of the most beautiful things I own (the smooth surface is totally practical & easy to clean too!). I chose light grey legs to match my theme.

The chair was another craigslist steal which I begrudgingly trekked across town to pick up for $30, but again it was totally worth it. Acrylic style chairs (especially the good ones) are pretty expensive so I’m happy I got a bargain and because it’s clear it creates the illusion of taking up less space. The bowls & utensil holder (plant pot) are from IKEA, because in this area, I’m all for cheap & cheerful Scandi minimalism. These handcrafted Muzi Muzi spoon & spatula set are never being used because they are simple too beautiful (LOOK at the woodgrain though). The Xenographica airplants I found on AirPlantShop are super affordable and just add a bit of life to the place and also look quite ethereal in their own little way!

Finally onto the overhead display – I wanted to find the perfect perch for these Boots N Gus fabulous banner lights made from Ball mason jars. Simple idea, but they look so striking all lined up together! They also give off great light, as I hate the ceiling light in my place I’ve been using lamps & these banner lights to give the room a relaxing ambiance. The perch itself is a beautiful dark grey wash wooden shelf with rope hangers. The best thing about etsy is actually being able to talk to the makers, so I requested my ideal custom length to fit my lights and Yellow Fox Co. made it for me! Straight out of a beach house if you ask me, it adds a homey-organic vibe. For a bit of character I looked no further then Oak & Evelyn for my comedic tea-towel!

I hope you liked reading all about my kitchen decor, I really enjoyed putting this post together & hope you can draw some simple inspirations from it. My bedroom is up next, I really need to get researching as it’s been my laziest project so far! If you like my post, you can share it using the buttons below. Until the next, T.


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