Insta-Lately // March

Tar mar Tarmarz insta lately 2016 arch@TARMARZ

1. My life is complete, I finally live in a place that does Acai bowls (first picture)! If you’ve never had one, its a smoothie bowl made with a type of super-berry (thats low in sugar) topped with granola! I got mine with peanut butter, cacao nibs & strawberries.

2. Had the best day out in DUMBO, Brooklyn with a close friend. It was a little taster of summer with the best view of Manhattan!

3. The most amazing view (including the Empire State building) from the desk at my new job.

4. Started getting my nails done, I think its kind of a must in New York. This shellac gel mani is going strong into it’s 3rd week!

5. Matcha green tea lattes are my new ‘ish. I’m trying to avoid daily coffees as I hate the thought of being addicted to anything (even a little tiny bit) so I’ve switched to matcha for a natural big energy boost to get me through midday slump. I even found k-cup matcha pods for the coffee machine in work!

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