Dreams in Celine…

CELINE-Sunglasses-41054-review-style-image-[source-TARMARZ.COM-march-2016]-fashion-bloggers-uk-Ireland-in-nyc Celine-sunglasses-41054-square-frame-grey-fade-sunglasses-review-@tarmarz-tarmarz.com-march-2016-SOURCE-CC [SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM-MARCH'16]-Celine-Sunglasses-41054-review-blog-blogger-instagram-style-@tarmarz

Sometimes, a girls just got to bite the bullet & treat herself… I’ve been working really hard both personally and on the blog along with my other platforms and I thought it’s about time! In response to my last luxury-wishlist post I didn’t feel guilty about these at all after some great advice from you guys & especially my girl Anouska (who is currently livin the dream in Vietnam, you gotta go check it out!). I went for these gorgeous square shape Celine 41054’s which are kinda’ hard to find but they were the only style that I new would suit my face shape. I’ve picked out other colours & more affordable dupes above for you (*cough the £20 Asos ones are SO close to the real thing!). This could be the start of something dangerous 😮 …

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  • Aless

    Hello, the glasses are beautiful, on which webuste you bought this céline glasses ?

  • Jo Ann

    Really great choice! I’m kinda bummed that you NOW live in NYC because I just left and moved to Miami and I would have loved to meet you or bump into you in the city!

  • NIKY J

    They are stunning, match you personal style and will be a dream to style with everything else 🙂


  • Ohh these are gorgeous!!!