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Interview-makeup-using-Smashbox-source-[]The art of the interview makeup – so many interviews, so many mistakes! Since I’m in the middle of the dreaded job hunt right now, I decided for my collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics & their new ‘Lashes without Limits’ collection to show you a fail-safe approachable makeup suitable for pretty much any interview. You, but 2.0 version (which means after you bag that dream job, the colleagues won’t get a shock when you’ve given up on makeup altogether by day three!). Watch the video at the bottom of the post to achieve the look & read further for my top tips for a job interview!

Smashbox-review-BB-water-in-light,-Primer-Oil,-Full-exposure-mascara-['16] Smashbox-mascaras-['16] PQ8A9016-(1)This look is all about ease. You’re nervous enough about your interview, you can spare yourself the wonky eyeliner & the dread looking in the mirror afterwards and wondering how the hell lipstick travelled that far across your face! Smashbox Cosmetics was perfect for this as even though this studio-born brand looks fantastic in photography (a-la my photoshoot above, with unretouched skin), it’s also made to look fab in real life, from the ‘shoot to the street’ as they say! I wanted my regular light coverage make-up but a much longer lasting recipe with focus on the lashes. As mascara was the main focal point of the look, The ‘Lashes without Limits’ collection was perfect because the mascaras can call be layered together to achieve a bright awake fluttery lash look to hook that interviewer in! I chose to glide Smashbox Photo Finish lash primer on the lashes first followed by ‘Full Exposure’ from the collection for a volumized lengthened look (extra lash fibres in both), but if you’ve already got super long lashes, ‘X-Rated’ or Indecent Exposure will give you more volume (I love to use Indecent Exposure on a night out!). I sculpted with a new purchase, the Shape Matters Palette using the bronze shade on my lids & cheeks for a cohesive subtle look.

Now that your makeup is perfected (with lashes on point) it’s time to help you with the actual interview itself.

My Top Tips for Job Hunting & Interviews

1. Keep good eye contact from the moment you walk in, don’t turn away just to close the door! A classic but a firm confident handshake says a lot about your character.

2. Write down all your skills & character traits. You don’t know how many you have until you’ve listed them! Check out these skills and see how many you have!

3. Never degrade yourself in an interview, shed light on your best qualities & skills and how they can be adapted to the job if your not sure how to answer.

4. Spend time on your LinkedIn page, nobody does it well when you first sign up cause lets face it, its boring but it can make all the difference, especially for creative or corporate jobs. I’d recommend temporarily signing up for premium if your job hunting so you can email HR reps directly! Keep chipping away at it until you have a really great looking profile, and don’t forget to take a clear profile picture against a white wall.

5. Don’t go over 2 pages on your CV/resume. Get straight to the point! Employer’s don’t have time to read essays but it’s nice to create a cover letter with your CV explaining a little bit about yourself & why you think you are right for the job.

6. NEVER give your CV to an employee, it’ll more then likely end up in a drawer or the bin. Ask for the manager if you are visiting in person with your CV.

7. Don’t wait for a job-listing, if you want to work somewhere you can blank canvass (asking on a whim basically) the company. Lots of the best places don’t even need to put an ad up because they either hire internally or have a stack of CV’s to choose from.

8. Less is always more with interview makeup (even for makeup jobs!), some employers may be really thrown off my strong makeup but hardly any employer is offended by natural makeup if you think about it. If its a beauty job, do your makeup to fit the brands clientele.

9. You can take a lil’ more risk with your outfit. Wear a memorable piece of clothing or accessory so the interviewer remember’s you. Maybe a particular pattern, brightly coloured top or handbag – something they can associate with you that stands out at the end of the day.

10. Always research the company you are working for, wikipedia the hell out of it. It’s nice to bring up little facts here & there and it expresses your interest in the company!

So there you have it, my complete guide to get you ready for your dream job! I hope you found it helpful, let me know in the comments below as well as any other suggestions for topics you need help with. T.



X-Rated Mascara
Buildable Volume
Indecent Exposure Mascara
Length & Definition
Full Exposure Mascara
Glossy, Volume, & Lift
Photo Finish Lash Primer
Prime & Volumise
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Smashbox via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Smashbox.

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