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Grey-&-White-Interiors-inspiration-post-on-[SOURCE-TARMARZ.COM]-@Tarmarz-NYC-apartment-inspo-minimal-industrial-gold-marble-mid-century-interiorGrey studio room//OnlyDecoLove Instagram, Hairpin Leg Desk//FIFTYMOD, Applique Cushions//BrightJuly, Rope Shelf//YellowFoxCo, Wooden Spoons//MuziMuzi, Marble Cushion Case//LaChic, Mason Jar Lights//BootsNGus, Geometric Lights//Deadhedron, Merino chunky throws//Becozi

It’s safe to say since I moved into my new place I’ve been going HAM on the interiors planning. I’m so excited to have a place just for me (Cathal I love you and all but your boy shit ain’t cute) and my little white shell of an apartment has so much potential that I can’t help but feel excited. I live in a little 1-bedroom apartment so luckily I don’t have to buy much to fill it up but the items I do choose are carefully considered (my measuring tape has been a constant pocket essential this week). I only ever shopped on Etsy for little things, but it’s an amazing site for stylish pieces and really affordable prices. As I designer/maker myself, I really appreciate handmade/curated things which you will find a lot of Etsy. The search works great to find really specific items, so it’s like going to a flea market but online! Also because you can chat directly with the sellers, you can ask for size/product customizations on the made-to-order items which you don’t really get anywhere else. It’s a feature I’ve been utilising a lot as I’m trying to get things to fit just right without taking up to much space. I’ve also picked up a few things on craigslist at really good prices but it’s a bit of a faff to shop on.

I’m going for a mostly white & grey scheme to keep the space bright with flecks of gold here & there to please my inner magpie (or Pat Butcher, I’m not quite sure). Above I’ve curated some of my wishlist pieces, a lot of which I’ve ordered already, but since I won’t get to share them for a while I thought I’d put together this good old fashioned inspiration post! What do you guys think of my mid-century/reclaimed/industrial vibes? T.

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