Luxury Confessions

 Sac De Jour Bag – Saint Laurent // Ankle Boots – Carritz // Mini Drew Bag – Chloé // Adriana Sneakers – Acne Studios // Sunglasses – Céline

Ok, so I’ve got a sort of weird confession to make. I have the designer purchase FEAR. It’s no secret that a lot of the blogging community (including myself) have gotten a little obsessed with designer purchases. For some it’s a materialistic projection of our supposed success as bloggers, for others they simple just love to make investments in beautiful things, it could even be a little bit of both…

Two years ago I purchased my little Chanel ‘wallet on chain’ after a holiday from hell & took solace in the fact that I saved a couple of hundred euro buying it abroad. I love the thing, it’s been in more outfit posts then I care to admit, constantly gets compliments & it’s battered after almost daily use. Since then I haven’t really felt the need to buy anything else, because quite frankly I spent my money on the boring everyday necessities like rent & getting myself through university. I was born with too much sense for one person, since I was a kid I would constantly weigh up action vs consequence and even though I don’t regret the way I am it did hold me back from a lot of those wild teenage moments which always kind of annoyed me a bit. My first thought on pay day is usually how many months of rent can I pay in advance rather then ‘I can go on holiday now’ or ‘I can buy that designer bag I’ve always wanted’. Obviously it’s a responsible trait & at 23 I’m proud to say it’s the kind of trait that’s pushed me to be financially independent for the last few years. However working in a heavily materialistic industry you do feel the pressure of those luxury purchases… I find it difficult to bite the bullet on my dream purchases and to be honest when I imagine myself purchasing something ludicrously expensive, I get a overwhelming feeling of guilt rather then the happiness & excitement one should feel when reaching such a materialistic feat. I guess in a way I’m happy that my hapiness is not measured by how many nice things I can buy, but sometimes I wish I could just let go & enjoy myself a little more. Which is why I’ve decided that since I’m gone all ‘independent-woman’ for the year (sorry Cathal) I’m forcing myself to be selfish and spoil myself this year in the hopes I can find some balance within my feelings. Apart from all this luxury-related nonsense talk, I really do want to put myself first this year (which I find really difficult) and just revel in all the things I really want to do on my own. I want a self-indulgent year I think, mind, body, soul & Chanel!

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