Levi’s Kinda Day

source-Tarmarz.com-@Tarmarz-NYC-irish-fashion-blogger[source-TARMARZ.COM]-Fashion-&-lifestyle-blog-NYC-new-york-tarmarz.com-source-chanel-wallet-on-chain-fashion-bloggertarmarz.com-river-island-patent-bootsTara---Unedited--2-(1)Sweater – Shein, Jeans – Levi’s Vintage, Shoes – River Island, Bag – Chanel

To be honest I wasn’t quite sure whether to share this semi-casual outfit, I kinda like it & I kinda don’t but what the heck some of you guys might be interested to see it anyway. I was happy to find this faux fur sweater was just like the online image, and I can confirm it is super fun to style. Perfectly oversized & slouchy. I feel like the look could of really done with black jeans instead but I’ve been living in black jeans since I got here & I’m just beyond sick of wearing them! However an old upper east side lady (you’ll see a lot of them in this neck of the woods) stopped & complimented my shoes which put a lil’ smile of my face..

Sorry today’s updates are kinda short, I have a lot on my mind & I’m finding it really hard to string a decent sentence together but I’m going to start editing my third NYC vlog for youtube tomorro so be sure to head on over & subscribe to catch it 🙂 T.

Photos by Edelle Carmel Kenny 

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