‘Cause Every Girl Needs A Statement Coat

@Tarmarz.com-[source-Tarmarz.com-feb'16]-Tara-Styles-colour-block-shein-coat-nyfw-streetstyle-statement-outerwear-jacket-coats Tarmarz.com-colour-block-statement-coat-nyfw Tara-Colour-Block-Coat-Tarmarz.com-[source] @Tarmarz-from-Tarmarz.com-feb'16-styles-colour-block-fashion-week-coat-nyfw-statement @tarmarz-from-tarmar.com-styles-colour-block-statement-coat-from-shein-nyfw-ss-2016 @Tarmarz.com-[source-tarmarz.com-feb'16]-statement-coats-jackets-colour-block-shein-nyfw-streetstyleCoat & Top – Shein, Jeans – Asos, Shoes – Adidas, Bag – Chanel 

Fresh off the camera, I’m in my element in this statement coat. I got the medium & it honestly fits like a dream (not always the case when ordering from sites like Shein). Your girl loves a good bit of outerwear. It’s definitely my favourite thing to style! This is obviously quite a statement piece but its very much wearable & toned down with simple monochrome staples worn underneath. I could imagine this piece being perfect for Fashion Week. I got three compliments from strangers on my way home which had me feeling rather chuffed.. People in New York really appreciate style, and they’re not afraid to tell you which I think is so sweet! Actually in general I’ve had nothing but good things to say about the people of New York, I honestly feel like they are just as friendly & kind as people in Ireland if not a bit more so these days! They seem to love the Irish…

And yes I know, I broke my Sunday post promise for the second week running! Mainly because I have a lot of exciting content coming this week so my little interiors posts is saved for next week instead. Also maybe I should stop promising posts, I feel like if I just say nothing I’d be more likely too (reverse psychology perhaps?). So tell me, are you one for the statement coat look? T.

Photos by Edelle Carmel Kenny 

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