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Knitted trousers – an item of clothing I never envisioned myself but am completed converted to! A classic case of window shopping (which come to think of it is not a situation I find myself in often since I’m more of an online kinda’ gal) I saw this beautiful pair of grey marl knitted trousers in all their drapy glory in Mango’s window display. Compelled to try them on despite the fact I thought the thick knitted fabric would make me look like an elephant!

Surprisingly, they actually looked a bit of alright! After spending a few minutes contemplating the integrity of the mirror, I handed over the £35 quid (now on sale here btw..) and have been super happy with them. Little Anecdote for y’all, a few years ago I owned an un-lined pair of Primark trousers and wore them for a day painting in the studio. My classmates must of thought I was absolutely nuts because I kept jumping up & down literally as if somebody emptied a jug of red ants in my pants! I literally contemplated taking my trousers off in the class (I knew these people pretty well) just to put an end to the torture haha. It put me off wool trousers for years! These though, these are miles from that! Soft like cashmere & too comfortable for words, they are such a winter staple for me now. I do love anything with a good hem-drape…

I might have to pull them out of the suitcase soon, yesterday it snowed in New York! It was the most beautiful light snow fall (that godly type of stuff that doesn’t ruin your hair) but alas, today has turned into another cloudless sunny day in Brooklyn. I’ve been doing daily snaps of NYC on my snapchat Tarmarz so you can check out more updates there! T.

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