Postcard From New York ['16] Tarmarz-22 Tar-Mar-Tarmarz-style-blogger-nyc-winter-style-new-york-snow-fashion H& Zara-puffa-down-jacket-fitted-faux-fur-how-to-style---[]Jacket – ZaraJeans – Asos, Bag – Chanel, Boots – H&M

About time I gave you all a proper New York welcome on the blog! What better way then a frolic in the snow. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it – waking up to a winter wonderland outside my window!

I’ll admit, treading 2ft of snow to get to the shop stops being fun pretty quickly but you just can’t help but be in awe any time you step into central park when its covered in such a pure blanket of white. This was the first time I met the lovely Edelle who’s going to be helping me with my blog photos & fashion lookbooks this year. Edelle’s Irish too & we already get on like a house on fire which means a lot when your shooting with somebody regularly! Give her a follow on her instagram. Obviously a day after a snow storm practicality was a must, but I still think it’s a cute outfit. I mean if you had to wear a down jacket this Zara one isn’t too shabby! It’s really fitted and cut to come in at the waist so I don’t feel frumpy in it at all & the faux fur has a lovely quality to it. I feel like an absolute snow bunny when the hood is up! Also sneak preview of my new H&M boots which I’ll talk more about over the weekend.

Everyday the snow melts a little more and with it my worries. It’s just coming to the end of my first month in NYC and although I still have a lot on my plate to sort out (mainly on the job hunt front) I’m feeling a lot more settled (& surprisingly not homesick!). I picked up my keys for my new place today so my weekend will be spent moving from my sublet in Brooklyn to the Upper East Side. I can’t wait to have a place to call my own & have visitors stay with me! I’m still pretty new to NYC but I feel like I’ve learned so much since being here. If theres anything in particular you would like me to write about, leave a comment below! Also you can subscribe to my youtube for my weekly New York vlogs in the mean time. Ciao ’til Sunday! T.

Photos by Edelle Carmel Kenny

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