Leather Trench

tarmar-tarmarz.com-jac-16--Styles-leather-missguided-trench-coat Tarmarz.com-Tar-Mar-Tarmarz-blogger IMG_8465ss Tarmarz.com-jan-15--Tar-Marz-styles-faux-leather-missguided-trench-coat IMG_8465xx IMG_8465 IMG_8465sFaux Leather Trench – Missguided, Jeans – American Apparel, Heels – Choies(similar) Photo Credits: Cathal Harnett Photo

Trenchgoals though… I never knew what was missing from my life until I got this piece! Another case of Missguided getting it so right – excited to style this look exclusively for my Collaboration with Missguided! Faux leather can be a fit stiff to wear which is my only gripe with it, but it is the nature of the fabric after all and it’s still such a fashionable way to tackle the rain! It’s so cold here in NYC that I really need to go hardcore winter shopping, a little birdy told me it’s going to snow soon! Is it just me or do you guys also like the look of snow for like five minutes, then when you actually need to go somewhere and do things you just can’t cope!

I never thought I’d say it, but editing all these pictures from my last few days in gloomy Belfast has made me kinda’ miss it. It’s so typical that now I’m not there anymore, all I can remember is the good things and all the things I do love about my second home in Belfast. Maybe I’m just missing my special someone, gahhh. New year, new things though right? My overwhelming urge to venture into something new always prevails. I think the most successful people in the world have all be risk-takers and to grow as a person you need to do things that scare you and that are way outside of your comfort zone. Yes, I could have stayed and had a very comfortable year in Ireland – financially, emotionally, in every way really but wheres the fun in that? Hope you’ve all had a fantastic first few weeks of January, until the next post – T.

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