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Hello from the othersiiiiiiiiiiiide. Ok enough with the Adele puns. It’s me Tara, and yes I am still alive despite my radio silence over the last week or two. As most of you know I moved to NYC on new years eve and have been busy apartment & job hunting since. I already feel like I’ve been here a month even though it hasn’t even been a week…I’ll have plenty of posts to come about my experience coming to NYC but I want to wait until I’m a bit more settled.

I still have loads of outfits to share with you guys from Belfast so you can now begin to mourn the familiar backdrops (not). One thing about NYC is almost every street is perfect for blogging! I cannot wait to start shooting here. I was waiting since the summer to style this oversized coat from my graduate collection which you guys LOVED. I’m not one for pink on myself but dusky pinks are so classy & add something to the standard monochrome outfit. I’m also glad about this Studio sweater from H&M, it was such a great investment & looks way more expensive then it was.

Everything is moving so fast here (I’m still a bit dizzy even sitting here now from all the time I spent on the subway these past few days) but I’m hoping everything will fall into place quickly. I came here as prepared as I could be so I’m hoping all the hard work leading up to getting here will pay off. I was super homesick on the first day but I feel good now and all these personal missions are keeping me distracted. The Irish girls here including fellow blogger Erika from Retro Flame have all welcomed me and made it feel less lonely is this big city. It’s fascinating to be in a city where you can tell everyone you see on the subway is thinking about their next move, mentally navigating their way to success in the city where anything is possible…

I’m documenting each day including regular snapchat updates! My username is the same as all my platforms – @Tarmarz if you want to join my journey! Until the next, T.

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