What a crazy November it was, and December is looking just the same! I thought a recap would be apt for today’s post.

Sorry for being quiet on my blog this past week, I’ve been enjoying festive family time back in my home town & also waiting for my broken lens to be repaired. Good news though, it’s on its way along with a brand new camera (yep, my previous died a slow & painful death due to overuse!) yay! Things are going to be getting very top of the range in the picture quality department ;-). I’ve also been doing a ton of boring visa paperwork & preparing for my embassy interview which has taken up so much of my time as well as job & apartment hunting!  I’ve really been relishing this month at home though with the move to NYC so close. Life always seems perfect just as your about to leave, isn’t that always the way? Anyway, the past 30 days has been awesome. I spoke at my first panel for bloggers, created some super fun collabs with my friends for my youtube channel (that was a new years resolution of mine since january if you guys remember! Better late than never right?) and got a new look. Don’t forget I post videos twice a week which I don’t post here so feel free to subscribe!

The main reason I’ve been so quiet the past week is because I started doing vlogmas on my youtube. So technically I’ve been creating content everyday and editing it all down to form my weekly vlogmas videos which I’ll be doing all through December & into January. It’s weird because I feel like I’m working by trying to film my every move so sitting down to actually blog here feels weird. I’m still getting used to balancing it so bare with me! I’m back to Belfast at the end of the week so looking forward to styling some new outfits on here. T.

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